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Changes * Lament (cd 2010)

Changes is not my favourite band, but they always have a few nice songs. “Lament” starts with a piano track and continues with a bit too usual Changes folk music. Fortunately furtheron there are some other styles such as an OFWATM like song and some more experimental and less (neo)folky tracks. “Lament” has new and new versions of old songs. I am not ravingly enthousiastic about this new album, but as always, there are a few very nice songs here.
Links: Changes, Hau Ruck!

Changes / Andrew King * s/t (cd 2005 terra fria)

That is funny. Last week I saw Andrew King live because he is on tour with Sol Invictus and Knifeladder. I didn’t really know the man, but it seems that he is on the “Looking For Europe” compilation that I have. Anyway, it is not that I totally like his music, but I wanted to hear some more. I searched the P2P networks, but there is not too much of the man available. Later my eye fell on this title in somebody’s shared folder! I noticed that this limited (500 copies) was sold at the concert, so I decided to review it even though it is a bit older. The Changes songs are nice, but not their best. Andrew King is a folksinger who sings old folksongs, either or not made a bit modern with electronic sounds, instruments or drumming. He has a nice voice and a theatrical performance, but also his songs on this split album are not too great. They are more of the experimental type. But in general this album could be a nice introduction to both artists for people who don’t yet know them. <18/3/07><2>u

Changes * Orphan In The Storm (cd 2004 hau ruck!)

Changes –as you probably know- were making what you can call “neofolk” decades before there was neofolk. I am not too crazy about the first album, but I have some compilation contributions which are surely great, so I decided to get the second album anyway. “Orphan In The Storm” is only 35 but most songs are very good and some new to me. A nice album. -14/9/06-