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Blitzkrieg Baby

Blitzkrieg Baby – Genocidal Sextasy (2019/20)

It does not happen often, but Spotify surprised me. I have known Blitzkrieg Baby since the “Kids World” tape on Beläten from 2014. Later there were a few other releases.

Spotify had only one Blitzkrieg Baby track on some compilation and yet last week I got “Genocidal Sextasy” as a new release. Not bad of Spotify. Incidentally I notice that older releases have been added to Spotify as well, even an album that I did not yet know: “Homo Sapiens Parasitus” (2019) which was released on Neuropa just as “Porcus Norvegicus“.

Actually “Homo Sapiens Parasitus” seems to be newer than “Genocidal Sexstasy” as this 2020 version seems to be a second edition. Cloister Recordings also rereleased some earlier material and that is probably how it all ended up on Spotify.

Anyway, if you know Blitzkrieg Baby, you will know what to expect. Nihilist lyrics, slow, beat driven music that sometimes leans towards industrial. This project as a very recognizable style, but it is not easy to compare to something else to give an idea of the sound.

This new album, as with previous releases, has amusing tracks and tracks are I like better, particularly the more industrial tracks.

Interesting and should you have missed them so far, give them a listen.

Links: Blitzkrieg Baby, Cloister Recordings

Blitzkrieg Baby – War Gods (mc 2018)

Blitzkrieg Baby again releases a tape through Beläten. “War Gods” comes quite naturally after the previous Beläten tapes with a mix between “industrial disco” and more minimalistic tracks. And of course there are the known Blitzkrieg Baby vocals.

The opening track is a recognisable Blitzkrieg Baby track with repetitive music, a steady rhythm, an organ-like sound and the typical vocals. Then follow two track revolving around a repeated sound either or not with vocals. The best track is “Bott Hammer Kiss” which has a much more industrial style. The closing track is less ‘disco’, but certainly rhythmical (slow though) with whispered vocals.

5 Tracks, a little under half an hour of music available in a limited tape edition. This makes a nice addition to the discography of the Swedish project. I like the first and last two tracks best, but “War Gods” makes an enjoyable tape overall.

Links: Blitzkrieg Baby, Beläten

Blitzkrieg Baby ‎* Cannibal Commando (mc 2015)

The latest Blitzkrieg Baby is released by Beläten like the previous release. This five track tape is somewhat softer from the previous tape. The sound became more minimalistic, somewhat industrial (because of the rhythms) and perhaps a little bit darker. The closing track is a bit more uptempo (and industrial) and the most interesting of this ep.

I prefer the more pompous style of “Kid’s World”, but on “Cannibal Commando” Blitzkrieg Baby continues developing its unique style.

Links: Blitzkrieg Baby, Beläten

Blitzkrieg Baby * Porcus Norvegicus (cd 2013)

On returning from holidays I am pleased to finally find the debut cd of Blitzkrieg Baby (or in this case actually Blitzkrieg Baby And The Squaeling Piglet Ensemble) in the mailbox (and a copy of the tape from another sender). This cd is great! Like on the tape there is a mix between old-style industrial, Thorofon-like ‘industrial disco’, more ambient tunes and a lot of musically original ideas. The tracks go from dark to catchy and the lyrics are usually wonderfully sleazy. This cd was released by Neuropa, so it is perhaps easier to get than the tape that was recently released, but my advice it to try to get your hands on both.
Links: Blitzkrieg Baby, Neuropa Records

Blitzkrieg Baby ‎* Kids’ World (mc 2014)

From the moment I got an email if I was interested in reviewing the second release of Blitzkrieg Baby, I have been humming the classic jazz tune with the same name (that was of course also recorded by Geneviève Pasquier). “Termed Industrial Pop by some, and Unclassifiable Filth by others”, of course with a Pasquier song my expectations ran a bit towards ‘industrial disco’. However comparisons to Thorofon and Pasquier can certainly be made, Blitzkrieg Baby is more industrial, or perhaps I should say ‘oldfashioned industrial’; not entirely like the earlier material of Thorofon though. The sound is nicely dirty and slightly dark with slow rhythms and male vocals, discoish and more ambient tracks and while I hear references to other projects, Blitzkrieg Kid surely has a sound of its own. The atmosphere is good and the four track ep is very interesting. There are four bonus tracks that come from the compilation “Children In Uniforms MMXIII”. They are comparible in style, so I guess I will have to get myself a copy of the debut cd on Neuropa!
Links: Blitkrieg Baby, Belaten