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Black Rain

The Days of the Trumpet Call * Purification (cd 2000 black rain)

Orchestal music from the Feindflug label! Trumpet Call is a project of Raymond P., a name that you may know from his participation in the controversial industrial/folk band Von Thronstahl. With this in mind I actually hear some similarities between these two bands, but I doubt I would have noticed that if I didn’t know about the connection.
Anyway, The Days… makes rather primitive orchestral music (neo-classical in a way). It all sounds quite nice, but it isn’t smashing. The music is mostly tranquil, but at times a bit more bombastic. Once in a while there is drumming. There are quite a lot of vocals on this cd for an orchestral cd, but who says that everything has to sound similar? Here and there I even hear a folky tune, but for the largest part the music is quite typical.
All in all an alright cd.

The Days Of The Trumpet Call * I Saw No Temple In The City (10″ 2001 black rain)

On 29/11/01 the Trumpet Call played in London with Death In June (surprise act), MZ.412 vs Folkstorm, Von Thronstahl and Nocturne. Live Raymond P. had invited some guest musicians in the form of a guitar-player/singer, a bassguitarplayer and two girls handling the equipment. Raymond himself took care of the electric drumkit. The show was more bombastic than the cd with of course drumming, guitar and singing. I figured that this 10″ would somehow have the same style, but in fact “I Saw No Temple…” is in the same neo-classical style as the “Purification” cd of last year. There is some acoustic guitar here, but not like live and also no drumming. Just as the cd I think that this is alright, but not groundbreaking.
This 10″ is limited to 555 copies.