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Bain Wolfkind

Bain Wolfkind * Hand Of Death (cd 2017)

It has been silent around Wolfkind for a while, but here we have a new album. However the music is not hard to describe to people who know Wolfkind, it is hard to categorise it by style.

“Hand Of Death” contains the typical, slow Wolfkind sound with his distinctive voice, but rather than a bluesy feel, this new album has the analogue synth sounds of a style such as minimal wave. In combination, it is not really minimal wave though.

The new album sounds alright, but in my humble opinion, not more than alright.

Links: Bain Wolfkind, Tesco

Theologian & Bain Wolfkind * Noir (cd 2013)

Not the most obvious combination, do you think? When I noticed this release I got very curious what this would be like. Theologian’s wall-of-sound type noise with Wolfkind’s vocals or bluesy guitar perhaps, or more Wolfkind’s Novo Homo sound? Well, none of these actually. “Noir” is a four track, 37 minutes, album with soundscapes; stretched sounds, samples, soft rhythm, that sort of stuff. Not really recognisable as Theologian, however there are softer sides to this project too, not as Bain Wolfkind. The sound is fairly dark and ‘cinematographic’. Perhaps a bit like the softer side of Propergol with a little bit of noise towards the end.
A nice piece of background music.
Links: Theologian / Annihilvs, Bain Wolfkind

Bain Wolfkind * Lone Wolf (mcd 2012)

No surprises on this special tour mcd. Six tracks of Wolfkind’s slow bluesrock sound. Perhaps it is a bit less dirty than before, but no changes in the approach. The drums sound computerised (however Wolfkind is drummer in Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand) and, at least on stage, the guitars also come from a computer. Not as good as his classic albums, but “Lone Wolf” is another nice Wolfkind release.
Links: Bain Wolfkind, Hau Ruck!

Bain Wolfkind * Music For Lovers & Gangsters (cd 2005)

It took a while before I also got the first cd of Bain Wolfkind. I should not wait too long with buying cds, because they get harder and harder to find. Going Underground apparantly have copies left of this album. Under his own name, Wolfkind makes a slow and dirty mix between blues, wave and some industrial. With his low voice and dirty lyrics the result is nicely sleezy. A large part of the music comes from keyboards, but there is also some guitar and “harmonica” to be heard. “Music For Lovers…” contains classics such as “Pimp Stick”, “My Name Is Poison” and “I’m Bad Baby”. Wolfkind is quite unlike other bands from the scene. It is nice to have him around. I will have to try to buy classic albums a bit earlier that 6 years after their release.
Links: Bain Wolfkind, Hau Ruck!

Bain Wolfkind * The Swamp Angel (cd 2008)

The Swamp AngelHowever I have the debut 10″ of Novo Homo, I have seen the man live a couple of times and I like what he does with Der Blutharsch, I have almost completely neglected Bain Wolfkind. Stupid me! “The Swamp Angel” is an amazing dirty (blues) rock album which reminds me of Bluebob here and there. Wolfkind has more releases available, I might need to see if they are as enjoyable as this one.
Links: Bain Wolfkind, Hau Ruck!