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Axone & kNOw * Night Of Deliverance (cdr 2002 somnambulant corpse recordings)

SCR keeps putting out releases at high speed. In the usual DVD-box comes the usual black disc with the (usual?) dark ambient/ industrial/ noise soundscapes. Axone we know from earlier releases. They contributed two long tracks go from tranquil soundscapes via tranquil to harder industrial and noise. kNOw is a new act to me. They contributed four tracks, which start with strange soundscapes and extreme rhythmical noise. The other two tracks are more ambient soundscapes, quite monotous, but dark. Again quite a nice release on SCR, but I hope the next releases will have a bit more variety in style. The noise tracks of kNOw are for example something that I would like to hear more of.

Axone * Casus Belli (mcdr 2002 somnambulant corpse records)

When I had ‘discovered’ Somnambulant Corpse I thought I had something, only to find out that my colleague of already had a review of the Tugend cd. I don’t think there is already a review of Axone on yet though, so at least once I have been a little faster…!
“Casus Belli” is a 3″ cd that comes in a very nice small and sealed package. Three tracks making a length of about 20 minutes. The opening track is a strange soundscape with vague sounds and samples and is not too great. The second track is an even stranger soundscape and already a bit better. Then comes a brilliant third track which lasts for only 5 minutes and which I would have expected on the Tugend cd. It is a soft industrial soundscape with some warlike samples and sounds, noise-influences and deep drones. Really a great track which makes up a lot for the first two.