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v/a * Revenge?! Yes! Nordic Audio Modern 2012 (cd 2012)

Yes this compilation is a couple of years old and yes it was released in a limited edition of 500 copies, but my eye fell on it in the Cold Spring mailorder and the line-up looked interesting enough to get it. That was a good guess! Not that this is a superb compilation, but there is an alternative version of Ex.Order’s “Shuchu Ryoku Pt.03” (a more dark ambient track by the way), a wonderfull collaboration of Deutsch Nepal and Trepereringsritualen (the two are apparently working on more material) and the track of Deutsch Nepal alone is good too. Moreover it was nice to hear In Slaughter Natives in the old style again, there are two new names for me (Maldur Atai and oro!oro!) and the rest of the projects included include Land:Fire, Inade and Trepaneringsritualen.
It looks like it that this compilation accompanied some Lithuanian festival. It makes a nice compilation with more dark ambient and a little bit of noise so certainly not such a bad buy.
Link: Autarkeia

Deutsch Nepal * Amygdala (cd 2011)

When roled into the industrial scene, Deutsch Nepal had just released his first cd, “Benevolence”, 1993 Cold Meat Industry. I have some of his rarer releases, saw him live several times, but eventually stopped closely following Deutsch Nepal (and his main label). Curious what “the truely alcoholic” would sound like in 2011 I found myself “Amygdala”. The latest effort opens with a nice Deutsch Nepal track with singing. I usually like “Der Generalstab” best when he sings (on an album at least). The second track is pretty noisy for Deutsch Nepal and brings memories to his (to me) most interesting live performance on the Eurorock Festival in Belgium in a year that I no longer remember. There are some other enjoyable singing tracks here, but also the usual sound-collage-soundscape-things which are not utterly boring, but I think I have enough of those by now. Looking through the back catalogue “Amygdala” could well be one of the more interesting albums. Time will tell.
Deutsch Nepal, Autarkeia

Fire In The Head * Icon (cd 2008 autarkeia)

Fire In The HeadI gambled and lost… Usually when I run into a band that I don’t know that could be interesting, I see if the band has a Myspace or another way to listen to their music. I guess I couldn’t find any, so I just went for the description “11 tracks of densely layered power electronics / industrial / noise”. Well, FITH makes the kind of noise that I try to avoid: the chaotic, unstructured, high pitched, earcracking kind. The sound is quite dark at times, not totally unlike Deadwood and here and there it isn’t even that annoying, but overall, this is not my kind of noise and I even doubt I will manage to give it one full play.