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Horologium / Foundation Hope / Project Winter / Artefactum * Pere Lachaise (cd 2006 steinklang / divine comedy)

There should have been a new Horologium cd by now, two actually, a new one and one with old material. For some reason the cds do not arrive at the distros, so I suppose they are delayed. Then I saw this split cd at a stand at the Coph Nia concert in Arnhem last weekend, so I thought it would be a good item to fill the gap. Unfortunately the Horologium tracks are rather cheap. Foundation Hope makes quite minimalistic ambient (with some orchestral influences) which is alright, but not groundbreaking. Project Winter has a bit of a LOKI-sound and their tracks are the most interesting of this cd. Artefactum makes dark ambient that sometimes touches to noise, their tracks are quite enjoyable. “Pere Lachaise” is not a boring cd, but not a great one either. I remain in wait for the new Horologium material.

Artefactum / Horologium * Sangreal (cdr 2005 old europa café)

Artefactum / Horologium * Sangreal (cdr 2005 old europa café)
Horlogium * Songs For Hunters (mcdr 2006 bunkier productions)
Horologium * Paradise Inverted (mcdr 2007 old europa café)

I got myself some older and newer Horologium material. Where “The Fire Sermon” (2005) is soundscapish industrial/noise of style, this only goes for one of these minis. The other two are more orchestral and bombastic. All cds are packaged magnificently, “Sangrael” in an A5 package with nice ‘holy grail’ artwork and a printed, partially transparant cd, “Songs For Hunters” in a simple, but nice A6 package (3” cd of course) and “Paradise Inverted” in a 7” package, also with a 3” cd. Three times 20 minutes, so the length/price proportion is not too good, when you buy them all at ones, but on the other hand, you get some nice and very limited (200, 100 and 150 copies respectively) releases. “Sangreal” is a cooperation between Polish bands and is the most ambient of the three. The other are orchestral and at times bombastic almost completely built from opera samples and with a flinge of humour; sometimes silly, sometimes great. At other times the sound is nice and dark again. On “Paradise Inverted” you will hear Troy and Maria Southgate (HERR) and one track is made together with Der Arbeiter. You hear it, original music of a pretty high quality not only for people who like experimental ambient/industrial/noise, but also for those who listen to the more bombastic and martial releases. <27/3/07><4>