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Ars Benevola Mater

Murder Corporation * Auf Wiedersehen (cd 2010)

“This is a “different” style for Murder Corporation. Auf Wiedersehen is a dark industrial ambient opera mixed with military marches music. Only for MC lovers.”
I guess I do not fall in that category. “Different” I took different from brutal unstructured noise, but inspite of the marchmusic and propaganda film samples, “Auf Wiedersehen” consists mostly of boring noise and I cannot find the “dark industrial ambient opera”. The package is quite something though, some kind of foldout digipack (a “jakebox”). Limited to 93 copies.
Links: Murder Corporation, Ars Benevola Mater

Thorn Agram * Ar Dievu (10” 2004 ars benevola mater)

I have known this bands since long before they ever released something and when they did, I missed it for some reason. I ran into this release on a P2P network, but wanted to get a copy myself. Equilibrium Music from Portugal still have a few, so… “Ar Dievu” contains music that -as often- has to be described as orchestral and sometimes martial music with neofolk and industrial elements. Not too original you may say, but this project sure has its own style which is very interesting and the recording is very good. This surely is a classic and I only got to know it more than two years after its release… <27/3/07><4>