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Arkane * Enraptured Serene Mesmerism (cd 2008 seduction prod.)

However the band’s Myspace names this album its debut, a little over five years ago, I reviewed an album of theirs, released on The Fossil Dungeon. This “Arcana Elitism” opens with a pompous orchestral track and continues with more tranquil and monotous tracks. Reading my review of the time, I think I was somewhat impressed by the album. When playing “Enraptured Serene Mesmerism” it appears to me that the music is a little too monotous and repetative and on playing the earlier album again, I can say the same of most of the tracks on it. Arkane (or xArkanex) makes soft orchestral music with (looped) orchestral samples. There are (wordless) female vocals on some tracks and male recitations on some others, but the music remains quite the same. All in all the music isn’t really bad, but more might have happened in it in my opinion. The earlier album was more varried in better in my ears. “Enraptured Serene Mesmerism” seems to be self-released, so I guess you have to visit the band’s Myspace to find out how to get a copy.
Link: Arkane

Arkane * Arcane Elitism (cd 2002 the fossil dungeon)

The debut cd of a Greek project opens with a very loud, bombastic, orchestral piece of industrial that may have come from Sophia. Further the music is mostly soft and orchestral with here and there some softer industrial, ambient, and some slightly folky tunes. Also a few ‘ritual’-influences that remind of these black metal side-projects of 8 or 10 years ago. The opener is wonderfull, some other tracks are also very good, but the cd doesn’t get better as it continues. Good that it lasts for only 37 minutes…
Still an interesting new project on The Fossil Dungeon though. This cd took over five years to record, so who know when we will hear from xARKANEx again?
Comes in a wonderfull flat DVD-case by the way. <2/12/02><2>