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Arditi ‎* Imposing Elitism (cd 2014)

Eight albums Arditi released so far. This is only the third that I hear.

Arditi seems to grow towards the pompous martial industrial style with orchestrations and drumming, a bit like Puissance perhaps, but not that bombastic. “Imposing Elitism” reminds of a decade or so ago when many of these not too harsch, somewhat orchestrated “martial industrial” was very popular. Arditi does not bring anything new on this album, but when you miss the steady flow of similar releases, you could give this album a try.

Links: Arditi, Equilibrium Music

Arditi * Omne Ensis Impera (cd 2008 equilibrium)

Omne Ensis ImperaI have not really followed Arditi. I remember that they sounded like Puissance when the name changed and however that might not be boring, it is not the kind of music that I listen to a lot. Actually expecting still a pompous orchestral industrial sound, I listened to “Omne Ensis Impera”, but the sound has gone much more in the neoclassical direction. Arditi still sounds quite bombastic at times, but nothing like the old days; the orchestral violence is replaced for well structured dark orchestral music. There may be drumming and marchdrums, but this does not sound like your average martial industrial project. “Omne Ensis Impera” might not be a masterpiece, but I am positively surprised by the new direction of Arditi and I will listen to this album a few times for before I make my final decision. For the moment I rate this album thus:

Links: Arditi, Equilibrium Music

Toroidh & Arditi * United In Blood (cd 2004 neuropa)

Hm, did I know about this split album? I suppose I did, but Toroidh is not my favourite project and I never really heard Arditi, Puissance is just alright, but not really my thing. The militant ambient sound of Toroidh proves to go well with the more orchestral bombastic tones of Arditi though and this album is actually not too bad at all. No masterpiece, but a nice thing to run into.