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Andrew King

Blood Axis / Andrew King * split 7″ (2010)

  • folk

Blood Axis is born again! This split 7″ announces an album in 2010 and after all these years there is some kind of a Blood Axis website with is updated (a Myspace with new songs)! Actually two albums are announced for the end of this year according to the fan-site, “Born Again” and “Ultimacy”, a compilation with compilation tracks and rare releases. Hearing the latest songs that Blood Axis made, I am sure that you too expected a folk song, right? Especially on a split with Andrew King. “The Dream” is a nice folk(rock) song in middle high German with a few electronic elements. Andrew King also made a nice song in middle high German with a repetative folk sound. Limited to 500 copies, so probably sold out in no time.
Links: Blood Axis, Andrew King

Changes / Andrew King * s/t (cd 2005 terra fria)

That is funny. Last week I saw Andrew King live because he is on tour with Sol Invictus and Knifeladder. I didn’t really know the man, but it seems that he is on the “Looking For Europe” compilation that I have. Anyway, it is not that I totally like his music, but I wanted to hear some more. I searched the P2P networks, but there is not too much of the man available. Later my eye fell on this title in somebody’s shared folder! I noticed that this limited (500 copies) was sold at the concert, so I decided to review it even though it is a bit older. The Changes songs are nice, but not their best. Andrew King is a folksinger who sings old folksongs, either or not made a bit modern with electronic sounds, instruments or drumming. He has a nice voice and a theatrical performance, but also his songs on this split album are not too great. They are more of the experimental type. But in general this album could be a nice introduction to both artists for people who don’t yet know them. <18/3/07><2>u