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Allerseelen / Neutral / Otzepenevshiye – Georg Trakl (cd 2008 ewers tonkunst)

My girlfriend wanted to have this cd because she ones wrote a paper about the Austrian poet Georg Trakl and Heidegger’s analysis of his symbolic texts. With three tracks of each band, this nicely packed album makes about 50 minutes. The Allerseelen tracks are not bad, but like usually with Allerseelen, the tracks start with a nice idea, but keep repeating it until the tracks end. Neutral has tranquil piano tracks with the poets spoken on the background. Otzepenevshiye is a strange project with strange tracks. Not a bad cd, but certainly no masterpiece.
Links: Allerseelen, Neutral, Otzepenevshiye.

Allerseelen * Hallstatt (cd 2007 ahnstern)

Allerseelen is not my favourite band. I find Gehard’s music a bit too simple and repetative. I used to own “Gotos=Kalanda” (1995), but for the rest I have some smaller releases and a track here and there. Because I was curious if the style remained the same, I got myself a copy of “Hallstatt”. Unfortunately I have to conclude that nothing happened at all. The music is tranquil (though rhythmical), very repetative and quite boring with most variation in the vocals. I suppose there are people who do like the sound of this Austrian project, because dozens of releases in a period of over a decade is quite a feat.
Links: Allerseelen, Allerseelen/Ahnstern

v/a * Wo Die Wilden Kerle Wohnen (compilation 7″ 2000 rauhnacht)

I was so fortunate to run into a copy of this 7″-compilation that will soon become (or already is) a collectors item. I believe it was sold out in notime, so this review is more informational than to urge you to obtain it.
I believe this compilation vinyl was released by Albin Julius of Der Blutharsch/WKN. Der Blutharsch is at least one of the bands on it and he contributed a nice, but rather ‘un Der Blutharsch’ sound, which is somewhat noisy. On the same side as Der Blutharsch we find Nový Svêt (actually this ^ above the e must be upside down), which is a Vienna based industrial act that I didn’t know yet. It seems that they have one cd out and a new one will be released later this year by mr. Julius on his Hau Ruck sublabel. This actually is the best track of the compilation. On the other side we find Allerseelen, with a strange and not too good track and the last band is Allgrena, also a band that I didn’t know, but their ambient track isn’t too good either.
A strange cover, a strange title, no information whatsoever in the package, so all in all mostly a product for collectors who have all the background information. Two new bands to keep an eye on though.