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Sangre Cavallum * Veleno De Teixo (cd 2007 ahnstern)

In recent years some more traditional sounding bands appeared in the neofolk scene. I believe that this Portugese Sangre Cavallum was discovered by Michael Moynihan and we have for example Sturmpercht with their “Alpine folk music”. Sangre Cavallum supposedly makes “barbaric folk music” which may be because of their debut album called “Barbara Carmina” (2004), but their sound could be the reason too! I must say that this is not entirely my music, but both bands sure have a unique sound and their music is nice to play once in a while. For those who never heard Sangre Cavallum, they make folk music with bagpipe, lots of drumming, flutes and deep male vocals. I don’t know if they play traditional music or write it themselves, but I don’t recognise any songs, so it is either Portugese or self-written. In any case, nice music when you are in the mood for something folky.
Links: Sangre Cavallum, Ahnstern

Allerseelen * Hallstatt (cd 2007 ahnstern)

Allerseelen is not my favourite band. I find Gehard’s music a bit too simple and repetative. I used to own “Gotos=Kalanda” (1995), but for the rest I have some smaller releases and a track here and there. Because I was curious if the style remained the same, I got myself a copy of “Hallstatt”. Unfortunately I have to conclude that nothing happened at all. The music is tranquil (though rhythmical), very repetative and quite boring with most variation in the vocals. I suppose there are people who do like the sound of this Austrian project, because dozens of releases in a period of over a decade is quite a feat.
Links: Allerseelen, Allerseelen/Ahnstern