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Der Blutharsch * the 1/12/01 brussels 7″ (7″ 2001 wkn)

Yesterday Der Blutharsch gave a very nice show in Brussel/Belgium that did not go without any problems (…). Especially for this performance herr Julius made this nice one-sided picture 7″ with a great bombastic track. The 7″ is limited to 333 copies and it was said that there were only 300 tickets for last night, so you can imagine the rush at the merchandise table. Taking that not everybody bought a copy (there was a one 7″ per ticket policy), I suppose there will be a few more out there, on E-bay probably (also see the 28/11/01 Eislicht egroup message about that). The text of the song and on the cover is “good luck to you, good luck to you, but luck is not for the brave, what would the world give back to you, always less than you gave!”, so i think there will be another description than “the 1/12/01 brussels 7″ for this 7”.
No sign of “When All Else Fails” yet by the way.

Waldteufel * Heimliches Deutschland (cd 2001 ultra!)

Waldteufel has existed for several years, but after some nice and less nice compilation contributions and a not-too-smashing 7″ this is the first full-length of mr Wolff. “Heimliches Deutschland” (which can both mean “secret Germany” and “home sweet Germany”) contains a combination of folky music and strange experiments with Markus Wolff’s vocals and Annabel Lee’s violin. I can’t really think off any musical project to compare this with to give you an idea. Sometimes the result is wonderfull, sometimes not. Overall I think this is a nice cd with mostly nice songs, but also with not too great tracks.

v/a * Codreanu – Eine Erinnerung An Den Kampf (cd 2001 oktagön/neue europäische kultur)

After many problems and long delays finally the compilation dedicated to Corneliu Zelea Codreanu (1899-1938) and the Iron Guard is available. The first edition has 100 copies and comes in an A5 52 page booklet and further with two small books, two posters and a load of cards.
You will find a lot of texts about Codreanu and the Iron Guard of course (the Guard of today also contributed to this release). The articles are from Martin Schwarz, Kadmon, Josef Klump, Michael Moynihan among others and in English and German.
There are two cds with Von Thronstahl, Entr’aide Nationale feat. Karceral Flesh, Belborn, Tribe of Circle, Warcom, Dawn & Dusk Entwined, Ain Soph, Scivias, Blood Axis (old track!), The Days Of The Trumpet Call, Londinium Spqr, Book & Sword, Changes/Soul of Steel, Egoades/Natural Faith Project, Socrates Wounded, Marienburg Jugend, Invisible Empire, Foresta Di Ferro, Argine, Wutanes Heer, Sotto Fascia Semplice and my personal favourites Darkwood, Novo Homo, Dernière Volonté, Spiritual Front and Republik Awake. As you can see both industrial and neo-folk and some other music and well-known and less-known projects. Most tracks are (or at least were) exclusive.
Definately the compilation highlight of recent times! Be sure to get a copy of the second version which is limited to 400 copies.

Blood Axis & Les Joyaux De La Princesse * Absinthe, la folie verte (cd 2001 athanor)

It has been a long wait since “Blót” and even longer since “The Gospel…”, but here is new material of Michael Moynihan. It was recorded together with the well-known French industrial act LJDLP, who had much influence on the music. Therefor “Absinthe” doesn’t contain the orchestral bombast that we came to love Blood Axis for, but more minimal industrial and ambient with here and there Michael’s voice and sometimes a short moment of bombast. The lay-out and lyrics were found in the “musée de l’Absinthe” in Callé, France and are an hommage to liquor. However I find the lay-out nice and original, the music is a bit too LJDLP for me. Still quite nice, but I like Michael on his own better.

Tempesta Noire * Wolves And Cathedrals/A Ship Is Burning (7″ 2001 triton)

I already had a demo, two 7″s and compilation contributions of this German band and still it seems that they are not able to release a cd. All material that I know is very nice, so I wonder what the reason for this is. Tempesta Noire makes not too typical neo-folk with very nice male vocals. Sometimes there are some industrial, gothic or general ‘atmospheric’ influences. On this 7″ you will hear a nice song of the band itself and a Sol Invictus cover, which is also quite nice.

A Challenge Of Honour * Wilhelm Gustloff (cd 2001 stahlklang audio)

This is a rerelease an of the earlier released promo-cdr “Wilhelm Gustloff”, but this time with additional tracks. The material for “Wilhelm Gustloff” was recorded together by Johan K. and Peter S. so this is the transition between when ACOH was still a soloproject of Johan K. (ger) to when it became a soloproject of Peter S. (nl). The “Gustloff” mcd was recorded in march/april 2001 and the additional tracks are only of Peter S. and were recorded in august/september 2001.
“Gustloff” tells the story of the ship with the name “Wilhelm Gustloff” that was shot down by a Russian submarine on 30 januari 1945. Samples are used from the 1959 movie “Nacht Fiel Über Gotenhafen” by Frank Wisbar. The music is not as bombastic as on the latest full-length cd “Only Stones Remain” (see elsewhere), but still ‘bombastic industrial’ so to say. The extra tracks are more orchestral and Peter also makes some neo-folkish music sometimes.
Anyway, again a very nice cd and again you have to be very quick. There are only 50 copies available and it seems that also “Only Stones Remain” is almost sold out. Be sure to get in contact with Peter quickly to see if there still are copies left for you. I can highly recommand both “Gustloff” and “Only Stones Remain” when you like ‘bombastic industrial’ (say, Dernière Volonté, Der Blutharsch, etc.). This one comes in a very funny package as well. <31/10/01><4>

Expretus * Spiegelsaal (cd 2001 lichtbringer)

Hm, I have to watch out buying cds on package and label. Lichtbringer released the wonderfull “Sonnwin” cd a while back and I was told that Expretus would sound something like Belborn and The Moon Lay Hidden, so I figured I would give it a try. I don’t know where they got the idea of mentioning these two bands, but Expretus has nothing whatsoever incommon with The Moon and very little with Belborn. Actually Expretus is not folky at all, but very gothic of sound. Atmospheric music, sometimes with piano, sometimes a bit electronic. I don’t like the gothic vocals too much and the music isn’t too good either.

Von Thronstahl * “Lichttauffe” Leipzig 2000 (7″ 2001 fasci-nation)

Fuel on the fire of the disaster around the 9th “Wave Gotik Treffen” in Leipzig in 2000. A festival that began like always with 30.000 ‘grufties’ in an Eastern German city. Pretty soon the mayor of Leipzig and the organisation ‘found out’ that there were bands sceduled with a questionable philosophy and Death In June and Von Thronstahl were the first to be forbidden. Still Von Thronstahl entered the stage and after 2 or 3 live tracks, they left and put on the upcoming cd “Imperium Internum”. After this Ostara played a fairly normal show. Anyway, more bands were forbidden, the organisation ran out of money and chaos was complete. Von Thronstahl was blamed for the nazi-controverse and fell from grace in the opinions of many people. Parts from newspapers about the “rechtsradikal Josef K.” are printed on the inlay of the 7″. The fact that the band decided to release the recordings of their forbidden concert will probably not heal wounds.
Personally I haven’t seen the show in Leipzig. I had just heard of Von Thronstahl before the festival and I had no idea that they were actually supposed to play before I got there. When I finally found the “Parkbühne” the band had just left the stage and also it was there that I heard about the controverse around Von Thronstahl and other bands. Also at the festival (a day earlier I believe) I bought my first Von Thronstahl record in the form of their “Sturmzeit” 10″. Later of course there were the cd and recently the second cd “E Pluribus Unum” which are also reviewed in these pages.
The 7″ contains the tracks “Mitternachtsberg” and “Heimat, Mutterboten, Vaterland”, is limited to 500 copies, available from Josef himself, Vaws, Cold Spring or IDM (“initiative identität durch musik”). Apparently the 7″ is dedicated to Archangel Michael who is proudly depicted on the front.
Inspite of all the controversy the music sounds very good in my ears, the sound-quality of the live recordings is agreeable and the package wonderfull. Late november I am going to see how controversial a Von Thronstahl show really is when they play in London. I expect that as usual things are blown way out of proportion and personally I may not agree with the band’s philosophy I still didn’t get offended or scared by this wonderfull musical project.

Mortiis * The Smell Of Rain (cd 2001 earache)

In a vague and distant path I was pretty fond of the music of Mortiis but this died away a bit when he was getting popular and the contact faded. However I suppose that I would still enjoy the music when I played it I had great fears for “The Smell Of Rain” after I read a review. Well, my fears were just. “The Smell Of Rain” doesn’t sound anything like the ‘old Mortiis’ anymore. As a matter of fact, this new cd sounds more like a gothic rock cd to me!! Mr Troll started to sing, there are guitars and only at the background you will heard the pompous sounds of days gone by. If you (used to) like Mortiis, be sure to listen to this one before you buy it. Fortunately I didn’t.

Of The Wand And The Moon * I Crave For You / In A Robe Of Fire (7″ 2001 prophecy productions)

  • neofolk

It was a nice show of mr. Larsson and friends yesterday in Bochum (ger). Too bad about the other two bands (Tenhi and Dornenreich unplugged) who bored the shit out of me. Of The Wand wasn’t even headliner…
Anyway, I didn’t have this 7″ yet, so I decided to buy it. It contains two tracks in alternative versions. I Crave For You this time with Matt Howden and In A Robe Of Fire this time without Matt Howden in contrary to the versions on the latest cd (see review elsewhere). However to be played at 33 rpm, this is a very short 7″. Only for collectors I guess.