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A Challenge Of Honour * Nacht Fiel Über Gotenhafen (10″ 2002 divine comedy records)

Available early november, the second 10″ of a trilogy about the madness of mankind. This time you get two long track instead of four shorter as on “Angelic Torment” (see elsewhere). The first act opens neofolk-like with drumming and a twisted guitar-sound going over in soft industrial. The second track opens in an ambient manner, goes over in a more neofolk sound and later the bombastic industrial style that makes us like this project so much. Of course you will also again get the story behind this release, which is actually also the delay for this release.
But all in all much more to the older sound than the much darker previous 10″, but as usual, pretty good! Be sure to keep your eyes open or make a pre-order, because this 10″ will be limited again. <14/10/02><4>

A Challenge Of Honour * The Right Place (cdr 2002 stahlklang audio)

This isn’t exactly the first ACOH review on these pages. As a matter of fact the “The Right Place” demo was the first sign of ACOH that came to me some 15 months ago. In that time the band was still Johan König, later Peter Savelkoul of Above The Ruins / Stahlklang Audio / etc. joined and eventually continued alone. The 7 tracks of the demo are here and further 5 newer tracks which are of course by mr Savelkoul. The cd starts with orchestral industrial reminding a bit of Der Blutharsch or Dernière Volonté, sometimes rather soft, sometimes harder. Also there is an acoustric track and one with Sleepy Hollow soundtrack samples (also used a bit too much on the “Only Stones Remain” cd) and some tracks are better than I remember from the demo. The newer tracks are very orchestral and bombastic and mostly very good too! Quite a classic release again from the Netherlands. ACOH articles are usually very limited, but released a couple of times. There are 100 copies of this cd in a nice A5 package and other early ACOH releases are made available again as well. Try to miss them not.

A Challenge Of Honour * Angelic Torment (10″ 2002 divine comedy records)

In a beautiful cover comes the new material of the Dutch ACOH who released the successfull “Only Stones Remain” cd on the same label last year. Where the previous material is mostly bombastic industrial, “Angelic Torment” is filled with dark industrial / ambient. Side A has a really nice, long and dark track, side B opens with an a bit too ambient track, but then we get some of the old bombastic sounds. “Angelic Torment” is the first of 3 10″s that will be dedicated to the madness of mankind. This one is about the allied bombings of the German city Dresden on 13/2/45 that killed somewhere between 35.000 and 135.000 civilians. A nice 10″ limited to 500 copies, so be quick. <25/5/02><3>

15 Delights Of Dionysus * The Nightmare Muzeum (cdr 2002 the fossil dungeon)

15 Delights is one of the many musical incarnations of the Riddick twins who are best known for The Soil Bleeds Black and who also run The Fossil Dungeon. This last is a young label that started with a compilation with the same name on Dark Vinyl and which included material from bands on the deleted Dark Age Productions label from the USA. The Fossil Dungeon has released a few cdr’s are recently two ‘normal’ cds. This one is another black cdr. It comes in a wonderfull half-transparrent silver ‘bag’ of larger size than a normal cd-case. The twins are supported by a Mike Bull for this project.
In the past, 15 Delights could be heard from the “Baited Breath” compilation 2mc (1999 Live Bait Recording Foundation) and the “On The Brink Of Infinity” compilation cd (1999 chthonic streams) and they released 4 (split) cdrs that I never heard. “The Nightmare Muzeum” contains industrial sounds and not only soundscapes. “Minimalistic” is the word for the whole cd. The industrial tracks are very soft and fairly orchestral and the other tracks are really strange soundscapes. The industrial tracks are nice, the soundscapes a bit too minimalistic for my ears.
It seems -by the way- that the Discovery Channel uses music from this cd in an alien abduction documentary.

Karjalan Sissit * Karjalasta Kajahtaa (cd 2004 cyclic law)

In a luxery package comes the third cd of this Finnish project. Karjalan Sissit already made bombastic industrial with orchestral influences, but on this cd mr. Pesonen exceeded himself. This new cd will maybe even more appeal to people who like Sophia than the previous. The tracks with opera vocals remind of Predella Avant, others are in the Sophia-style. Also like Sophia, you get dark ambient/industrial tracks and very bombastic tracks. Because this of course is a Karjalan Sissit cd, also some schlager(-like) music. Also again noisy influences, which is fine with me! <29/7/04><3>

Dernière Volonté * Commemoration (2cd 2004 hau ruck!)

A nicely packed double cd with old and unreleased material of this great French act. The first cd starts with an old 7” on Hau Ruck! and this old material is surely not as good as the newer. Further you get other 7”’s, compilation tracks and unreleased material (but not the brilliant Der Blutharsch cover from “Fire Danger Season”). Most of the music comes quite close to ‘the Dernière standard’, which means: pretty good. Also you get to hear another side of Dernière, a more industrial side. About half of the tracks are the accessible soft melodic tracks with singing, but there is also harscher material to be heard. Two cds for the price of one makes this a good buy.

Maruta Kommand * Holocaust Rites (cd 2000 kokampf records)

A Brittish duo made a 70 minute cd (their first if I am right) with nice dark industrial and terrible electro/industrial. There are a few nice tracks here, but this electro/industrial really isn’t my kind of music and this is actually the largest part of this cd.
Sorry guys, maybe I should have gone for the MZ offer… But I liked the festival!

Tribe Of Circle * Altered States (7″ 2001 wkn/tesco)

Yesterday Tribe Of Circle gave his very first live performance on an evening together with Death In June (surprise act), Les Joyaux de la Princesse and Der Blutharsch. However not too visually appealing it was a good performance. Also this new 7″ is good. Two wonderfull industrial tracks, one a bit more tranquil, the other somewhat heavier.