Jochem Paap * Vrs-Mbnt-Pcs 95981 (cd 1998 ps)

Jochem Paap is better known as Speedy J with which this Dutch artist produces very experimental industrial techno. On this cd you will only hear ambient soundscapes. I think this is mostly what Paap makes for video-collages and experimental industrial expositions. Very monotous and definately not my taste. <3/6/01><1>

Johannes Heil * Future Primitive (cd 2000 kanzleramt)

This is the first Kanzleramt cd that I hear, but it is said that this German label mostly release hard and fairly abstract techno, which sounds interesting enough to try it sometimes. Johannes Heil is (but I already heard that) an exception to the ‘usual’ Kanzleramt style.
Still “Future Primitive” is a rather strange disc.You can hear quite poppy and accessible techno, but also ‘old fashioned techno’, some acidish things, a few strange experimental sounds, dark ambient soundscapes and even electro-like tracks. The result is sometimes nice, but often not and I have no idea who to recommand this cd to.

Johnny Violent * Shocker (cd 1996 earache)

Johnny Violent is best known for his project “Ultraviolence” (see below). This is a quite old cd with Johnny’s early extreme techno experiments. Based on the Dutch “gabber” (or “gabba” for non-Dutch speaking), but taking is 10 steps further. This may result in a not-danceable variant, but I prefer Johnny over most gabber because it is far more extreme. Not all tracks are great, but there are some of the most violent techno-tracks that I know, making this cd an absolute classic.

Kid 606 * The Action Packed Mentallist Brings You The Fucking Jams (cd 2003 violent turd)

A couple of years ago I saw Kid 606 live in Den Haag (Netherlands). There was a festival with a then fairly unknown kind of experimental techno. All the acts had releases on the French label “Mille Plateaux” who just released the second issue of their “cuts ’n clicks” compilation cd, giving the music a name. Later it became “intelligent dance music” (idm), “electronica”, “electronics” or whatever. Inspired by artists like Aphex Twin, Autechre and Squarepusher, a new generation of laptop artists made tranquil music with weird cut-up beats and samples. Kid 606 had a show with problems and proved to be a bit louder than the rest. For years I never paid much attention, not even much to the music in general, but then I heard that I should listen to the new Kid 606 (thanks bro). I listened to the mcd “The Illness” which has the two brilliant and loud tracks from the 12” with three other tracks of which two are not too good. Then I listened to “The Action…”. It is a 60 minute cd that is crazier then Hellfish, but not as loud. Tons of samples, many extremely well-known (Kylie Minogue, Bangles, Radiohead), the weirdest rhythms with here and there are regular ‘gabber beat’. All in all much better than other things I have heard from this ‘scene’, but Kid 606 does seem to have the same labels as other acts reviewed here. Some tracks are completely brilliant, but Kid 606 is very obviously showing off. First drum & bass, then digicore, then a piece that sounds a lot like Squarepusher. Sometimes it is a bit too much. At times great, at times not too great, but overall a very nice cd. There is a new one coming up. Hopefully the 12” tracks will be on it.

Manu Le Malin * Fighting Spirit (2cd 2002 bloc)

Yes it has been a while since I reviewed a tekno cd. I’m afraid that this will be a slow-growing section… I love the music, but it is not the kind that I play very often. Besides, too much tekno is shitty.
So what about this French act? I didn’t know them, but I saw them in a local recordstore. They are compared with DJ Producer (who contributes on one track), which was promising enough to listen to this double cd. The first cd is very technoïsh. Straightforward beats, here and there some ‘cuts-n-clicks’ and around the end some slightly harder material. On to cd two then. This is a total gabber-cd, but with a bit of a twist. Not 100% regular beats, but much more than Hellfish & Producer for example. Not extraordinary extreme though, but also this cd gets harder as it continues. A few very nice tracks, but to buy a 2cd for four tracks? The search continues…

Matrix * Sleepwalk (cd 2000 virus recordings)

Here we have an original drum and bass cd (that was filed under ‘big beats’). It mostly doesn’t have the usual drum and bass sound and rhythms and indeed leans quite heavily to big beats at times. At other times it pure drum and bass though, with fast breakbeats and a drone on the background. Some tracks are totally brilliant, fairly dark, very original. Other songs are a bit quieter, jazzy even (triphop maybe?), sometimes even with vocals. Mostly these tracks are not all that good and that makes this cd a bit unbalanced. Fortunately I didn’t buy it, but tape it!

Mouse On Mars * Idiology (cd 2001 soniq)

I have known about this band for quite a while, but I don’t think that I ever heard their music. I do know that people always had a problem catagorising this band. They have been filed under ‘industrial’ for a while, when there was digital hardcore, MOM suddenly was digital hardcore and now that they have found names for vague techno music, MOM shares shopspace with Autechre, Aphex Twin, Plaid and Funkstörung under “electronica” or “cuts and clicks”.
And indeed, when you listen to “Idiology” this isn’t the strangest idea either. However every cd is said to be different, “Idiology” definately fits between the mentioned names, but actually will still be a ‘strange’ cd. There is odd techno, crazy beats, insane vocals, but also nice orchestrations, real instruments (from piano, to violin and trumpet) making “Idiology” to a cd for lovers only. I don’t think people who like the mentioned names, will automatically like MOM. Weird stuff!

N-Vitral * Smocgh (12″ 2003 third movement)

I got this completely black 12″ that is released without cover or anything for my birthday. There is not more information on it than the text “T3rdM-00046” scratched on the extension groove (?). Third Movement is a Dutch techno label that releases serious industrial techno and that is exactly what N-Vitral makes. This is a Dutch artist used to make music on the early “gabber”-compilations “Thunderdome” but now makes more “intelligent dance music”. “Smocgh” sometimes reminds of industrialists such as Ah Cama Sotz, but at other times the sound is much like Hellfish (DJ Producer also has a cd on Third Movement). I suppose you will get the idea: heavy, but danceble industrial techno; and interesting too. This makes me wonder what more is released on progressive techno labels. And more, would fairly similar music be made in two different scenes without these two knowing this from eachother? <8/11/04><4>

Panacea * German Engineering (cd 2001 position chrome)

“German Engineering” is a 74 minute cd containing a short hour of music and some 15 minutes with strange interludes in the form of conversations between bandmembers, snippets from live-performances and other strange stuff. Quite superfluous if you ask me. BUT, the 60 minutes of music is really good drum & bass. Pretty hard, reminding a lot of Bad Company (or “)3IB(” see above) and pretty damn good. If you like the harder kinds of d&b, I can highly suggest this title.
Nice detail for industrial lovers, other cds of Panacea were released by Hands and Ant-Zen (among others).

Plaid * Rest Proof Clockwork (cd 1999 warp records limited)

This band is getting quite popular and I can hear why. However this music is pretty strange, it is very accessible. I believe this music is totally electronic, but it actually reminds me to this experimental (ethereal) popmusic of the 80’ies a bit (without vocals though), with jazzy music, strange sounds and funny rhythms. Always very tranquil and you will never be able to guess what you will hear in the next minute. Very funny, but not my kind of music.