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Broken Note – Exit The Void (2019)

There is another form of techno that I have been exploring the last years. “Dubstep” is a very slow form of techno, usually based on “drum & bass” type rhythms. Much of the music is annoying to me with female vocals and happy melodies, but there is also a more dirty side to the style.

I know “darkstep” is not the term to use, as that is closer to “drum and bass”, but the description is fitting for that style of “dubstep”. Sometimes I run into the description “filthstep”, I suppose that fits the bill.

“Broken Note” is not the slowest, dirtiest, occultist artist in the genre, but it does have some excellent releases. “Dubstep” is good enough of a description here. There are not the typical speedings-up and heavy breaks on “Exit The Void”, but here you have the steady rhythm in spite of the weird beats, the typical creaking sounds and minimalist approach. Maybe you can compare this release to the relatively known project Noisia.

If you want to further explore the genre, for a darker approach (also thematically) look for Substep Infrabass; somewhat more typical for the (darker) style are Datsik and Download.

Links: Broken Note, MethLab