rhythmical industrial

Haus Arafna * Butterfly (cd 2003 galakthorrö)

How often have I doubted whether or not to buy a cd of mr. and mrs. Arafna and afterall I bought the newest cd. This lovely couple proves to make oldfashioned industrial. Rhythmical, noisy sounds and distorted vocals, but also sung and even clear vocals and technoish elements. A nice mix of the old and the new sounds, so to say. I had expected Haus Arafna to be harder, but still this is a very enjoyable industrial cd. <25/12/03><3>

Feindflug * s/t (cd 1999 black rain)

Well well, this is a nice piece of industrial! The cover surely will fool many people expecting this to be an old-style industrial release. Nothing is less true, namely. This untitled cd opens with a nice piece of danceble industrial, the kind that is so popular in Europe these days. Then there are some tracks more or less in the same vein, but all the time incorporating more elements from popular dancemusic. Halfway the cd you even have get the impression that you are listening to some dance-act with a few industrial influences. Furtheron there are electro tunes (Wumpscut like) and then industrial again. Besides the last track, this cd is very surpring and surprisingly good. One more piece in the bridge between dance music and industrial/electro. The only minor point are the guitar-samples.

Ah Cama Sotz * Terra Infernalis (cd 1999 hands)

In a “smartpack” comes this cd of the Belgian Ah Cama-Sotz. “The darkest ambient, the loudest beats” said the list where I ordered this from. Okay, there’s dark ambient and there’s industrial, but neither are as extreme as I expected. The industrial is even quite danceble. Not that I don’t like this, but it’s nothing really special to me.
Hands * PO Box 1701 * 90707 Furth * Germany

Winterkälte * Drum ‘n’ Noise (cd 1999 hands productions)

Here we have one of the leading projects in the danceble industrial style. Winterkälte is a lot harder than most other projects in this vein that I know and I mean A LOT HARDER! The title of this cd is a little fallacious, because you shouldn’t expect to hear a heavy version of drum ‘n’ bass, but the title does fit the content well. From the first second on you’ll be blown away by extremely heavy industrial techno. And while it’s danceble, it’s still some of the most violent music that I’ve heard. As a matter of fact, this is what I always searched for in the so called “rhythmical and danceble industrial” musical style. It’s always said to be so hard, but it never really is. Now here’s a cd that fullfilled it’s promises. This is the kind of music to try out your speakers, make your walls vibrate and your neighbours angry. Agressive dance-music in a way I always wanted it. Not that I’ll listen to this really much, but once in a while this is really funny.