rhythmical industrial

Wiener Aktivisten * Und Wir Reiten Durch Das Land (cd 2001 greyland records / electronic sound lab)

To close the line of the previous reviews, Wiener Aktivisten is again Sven Bussler and Maria, this time accompanied by someone named Anna. “Wir Reiten” comes in a similar box as the Sigrun Heid cd, but with more cards and some kind of bracelet.
The cd is longer than the Sigrun Heid cd (38 min) and also in the line of the previous two reviews, again harder than Sigrun Heid and Wappenbund. As a matter of fact, Wiener Aktivisten make quite harsch noise, that is usually quite rhythmical and sometimes fairly chaotic. Also this time I can only conclude that I like it!

v/a * World End Broadcasting (cd 2006 apocalyptic radio)

I didn’t know the label and I can imagine why this cd was put in the sellout so soon (…). Inspite of the nice A5 packaging, the variety of new projects have only two minor highlights, the opener Moral Fraktal (rhythmical industrial/noise) and the closer Monument Westwall (a bombastic, slightly militant industrial act). The rest (2nd Satallite Left, Crossbred, Monokontrast, Gelsomina, Flutwacht and Sindrome) mostly make irritating, unstructured, chaotic noise. Not my thing.

v/a * Book Ov Shadowz (compilation lp spectre)

An industrial compilation that may not surprise the die-hard industrial freaks, but makes a very good point to all searching. The bands here are mostly established names: Dagda Mor (indus/ambient), Stratum Terror (power electronics), Söldnergeist (see cd), Ah Cama-Sotz (see cd), Megaptera (dark ambient), Predominance (see lp), Inade (dark ambient) and the only band that I didn’t know: Tortura (heavy industrial). Most tracks are pretty good, especially the one of Stratum Terror (which is the dark side of Raison D’Être by the way). It brings a nice overview of the dark industrial scene of nowadays too.

The People’s Republic Of Europe * Steel And Honour (cd+mcd 2002 new darkness records)

Apparently there are still bands and labels around that I don’t know, even in the Netherlands. I accidentally ran into this band on mp3.com when looking for Converter like bands! This is not really the sound of TPROE though. This project has released three cdrs so far on his own label, which has quite some releases by the way. The sound of TPROE varries from album to album and also on the two cds of “Steel And Honour”. The ‘normal’ cd contains heavy industrial, rhythmical noise, dark ambient and some soundscapes and is sometimes really good, sometimes still quite nice. The mcd has one very long and monotous ambient soundscapes track which is rather boring and a nice short soundscape track with rhythmical noise mixed through it. Especially regarding the whole cd a project to look out for. Quite some tracks on the mp3 page, so you may want to check them out first. On the other side, the cd’s are so cheap (E 10 including p+p) that you don’t have to let TPROE go for the money.

Sigrun Heid * Werkmeister (cd 2001 greyland records / electronic sound lab)

Another project of Sven Bussler, but this time with a certain Maria. “Werkmeister” comes in a handmade box that doesn’t look too great, but the idea is nice. Iron wire around the cardboard containing a black cd(r), put in a silver cardboardbox and wrapped with a black band. The box also has two cards and a little surprise.
Musically Sigrun Heid is quite a bit harder than Wappenbund. Much more industrial, with noise influences and more rhythm. Also here samples are used, but not as many as in Wappenbund. Also Sigrun Heid is very well done and I like “Werkmeister” a lot. Rather short though, 30 minutes. You can get this one as a cd or a 10″. <6/4/02><4>

Sector .03 * Radio Radikal (cdr 2002 stahlklang audio)

A new release on Stahlklang and indeed Stahlklang is not a label just releasing Savelkoul’s own material! Sector .03 is the new project of Johan König who started as A Challenge Of Honour (now only Savelkoul) making harsch rhythmical industrial with extensive voice-samples (sometimes too extensive). The music goes from repetative to teknoid industrial. Sometimes hard and dancable (in a way), sometimes more noisy. Comes in an A5 package, is limited to 50 copies and lasts for 45 minutes. Pretty nice.

Re.sistance * Zero Tolerance (cdr 2002 stahlklang audio)

I suppose this project from the Netherlands is a new one. At least two common names for me under the members. Re.sistance is a harsch industrial/noise-project and this cdr has 13 tracks and lasts almost an hour. The tracks are not always too great, but there are a few very nice between them. No creaking noise, but mostly rhythmical and with samples or distorted vocals.
Limited to 75 copies!

(radial) * Nexus (cd 2001 triumvirate)

So I asked for action? Well, here we have (radial). Heavy teknoid industrial comparable to Winterkälte, but more technoish and at times harder (!). Also here not all tracks are brilliant, but there is enough amusing material on this 63 minute cd to recommand this disc to anyone interested in dancefloor industrial. <12/1/04><3>

Hecate vs Lustmord * Law Of The The Battle Of Conquest (mcd 2002 hymen records)

Don’t confuse the first band with the German folkband Hekate with a “K”. Folkiness has nothing to do with “Law Of…”. This mcd is a mix between harsch dancable industrial and dark industrial soundscapes resulting two tracks of each. All in all not brilliant, but not really bad either.
The cd is something I never saw before. It is a disc with the size of a normal cd, but only 3″s are in silver (making a 3″ cd) and the rest transparrant plastic! Very strange! This mcd also comes on vinyl by the way.