power electronics

v/a * Book Ov Shadowz (compilation lp spectre)

An industrial compilation that may not surprise the die-hard industrial freaks, but makes a very good point to all searching. The bands here are mostly established names: Dagda Mor (indus/ambient), Stratum Terror (power electronics), Söldnergeist (see cd), Ah Cama-Sotz (see cd), Megaptera (dark ambient), Predominance (see lp), Inade (dark ambient) and the only band that I didn’t know: Tortura (heavy industrial). Most tracks are pretty good, especially the one of Stratum Terror (which is the dark side of Raison D’Être by the way). It brings a nice overview of the dark industrial scene of nowadays too.

Radiodrama * Autopsy nº 9 (cd 2002 hermetique)

Radiodrama can be heard on the newly released “A Reassuring Voice On The Television” compilation of Hermetique and an album that is much older than I expected is still available from the same label. “Radiodrama ultra harsch electronics” the booklet says. This is in a way true. The album opens with a track with a very deep rumbling industrial rhythm with samples and creaks. Other tracks have an even more industrial sound, but very hard industrial. Not extreme in the sense of over-the-top, distorted sounds (alright, these are also present) or loud, danceble beats, but more like harsch and slow rhythmical industrial soundscapes with a noisy edge. Some tracks are really great, others are just alright, but most are pretty good.

Propergol * Un Déchaînement De Violence / Cleanshaven (2cd 2006 functional records)

Tesco rereleased the two very limited debut albums of the French noise-act Propergol. I got to know Propergol for the extremely dark, well-structured noisescapes with here and there a power electronic eruption. These two remasted albums mostly contain merciless noise. Extreme power electronics lacking the structure and the many samples of the later albums. Only a few tracks have those typical elements such as extremely low frequencies, deep beats, filmsamples and strange sounds. On both albums are a few magnificent tracks, but the over-the-top noise tracks that sometimes last for over 10 minutes, are too much for my taste. Nice for archival reasons, but I prefer the later recordings of Jérôme Nougaillon.

Propergol * Program Vengeance (cd 2005 malignant)

It was a long wait before I finally got the this new Propergol, but it is worth it! I didn’t know that this cd contains old material (recorded in 1999, remastered in 2003) but that doesn’t matter a bit. Propergol seems to be moving rapidly, because hermetique.net already has another new album called “Redemption” and two other titles are anounced, well well! Those who know Propergol will know what to expect: extreme experimental noise. Not just monotous earcracking noise, but dark soundscapes working towards complete overdrive and with a lot of samples and low frequencies. Propergol has a varried style, from dark ambient to high-pitched noise to rhytmical power electronics and more industrial sounds. Like with the other Propergol albums that I have some tracks of “Program Vengeance” are brilliant, while others are just good or alright. What I particularly like about Propergol is that the albums tend to be ‘concept albums’ of some kind. They seem to tell a story and the tracks build up an atmosphere and go over in eachother. “Program Vengeance” starts with a pit-dark soundscapes with a few noise eruptions, but it takes almost all the way to the end before the sound becomes really extreme. Especially because of the atmosphere that this French act creates with this extreme kind of sound, makes Propergol my most favorite noise act.

Propergol * Renegade (cd 2001 tesco organisation)

Here we have a real Tesco release. A 71 minute noise cd in an oversized package of a French band. 11 Tracks with a lot of variety in styles of noise and power electronics including everything from high to low-frequency noise, from relatively tranquil to very extreme, lots of rhythm, lots of samples, sometimes with distorted vocals and most of the time pretty dark. Get it before it is gone!

Propergol * United States… (cd 2000 nuit et brouillard)

A few months ago I reviewed the excellent latest cd of this French act which is a cd on Tesco. This is the previous album that is still available and that was released by the French label with an enormous mailorder catalogue Nuit et Brouillard (“night and fog”).
“United States…” contains soundscapish industrial tracks and massive noise and lasts for 71 minutes. There are a lot of samples, not just a bunch of noise, but more structured which I definately prefer of chaotic noise and a lot of low frequencies. On this and the new cd there definately are some of the best noise tracks that I ever heard and however “United States…” is not entirely as good as “Renegade”, I am sure I would have bought the new one if I got this one first. Refreshing and great noise that you shouldn’t miss.
I am not totally sure about the year this cd was released, but I think late 2000.

Peter Andersson * Perception Multiplied, Multiplicity Unified (cd 2001 cold meat industry)

“The manifold of Peter Andersson” says the cover of the beautiful discboxslider. This is some introductionary cd to Peter Andersson who most of you will know for being Raison D’Être. I knew Peter had a whole bunch of other projects. Of some I had only heard, of others I have most or all releases. All projects are brought together on this cd. The best part is that all tracks are (fairly) recently recorded and so far unreleased. You will get 58 minutes for 9 tracks opening with a good and heavy industrial/noise track of Stratvm Terror. Next up is Peter’s most famous musical outlet itself with nice track. Then follows a very ambient track of Atomine Elektrine which is usually more a trance/dance like project; I don’t like this track too much. Next up is Cataclyst, which was a one time event split-act with the female half of Institut, an atmospheric track whereas it used to be more industrial. More noise under the monicker Panzar and then another more well-known name being Necrophorus; on the cds this is very tranquil and minimal ambient and so it sounds on “Perception Multiplied…”. Then a project that I hadn’t heard off until now; “Bocksholm” is a collaboration with the other Peter Andersson that has been releasing his material on CMI and who grew up in the same city (better known as Lina Baby Doll) and is a noisy piece of industrial. Then Svasti-Ayanam is up with a not so rhythmical/tribal track as in days gone by. The last project is Peter’s oldest project called “Grismannen” which is a strange sounding track.
Overall inspite of all different projects and often different kinds of music, quite a nice cd and peak into the mind of one of the best known and oldest CMI artist.

Goatvargr * s/t (cd 2006 cold spring)

Goatvargr is Goat (USA) and MZ.412, etc. (Swe), so you may know what to expect. This untitled album contains about 45 minutes of very heavy industrial noise. Some (parts of) tracks (such as the beginning of the cd) are nice and dark, other tracks are too chaotic noise for my taste, but the heavy industrial beats make Goatvargr better to endure. For the lovers of extreme electronics.

Folkstorm * Sweden (cd 2004 cold spring)

Cold Spring found 2001 material of this Swedish noise-combo that they forgot to release and the band decided to remix and remaster this material and make it into a goodbye cd, the last Folkstorm release. Funny, when I got the cd and saw the cover there is a picture looking awfully much like that on a t-shirt that I recently bought, but then the print is a mix between our Dutch royal ‘logo’ and the logo of the shop. Anyway, “Sweden” contains 50 minutes of extreme noise. Some tracks are fairly enjoyable with dark drones, some kind of rhythm or highly distorted melodies, while others are nothing but earcracking noise. I prefer the more structured kind of noise and this cd is a bit too much in the other direction. When I only pick the good tracks, this cd is still relatively enjoyable, but the other half is not really my cup of tea. Those who DO like the more extreme kind of sound will already be familiar with this Swedish band, have their other material and buy this last cd as well.

Dresden ’45 * Breath On Me (7” 2003 steinklang) & Archiv 1993 – 1999 (cd der elfentanz)

Dresden ’45 is one of these names singing around, but for the rest unknown to me. The Steinklang sellout gave me the opportunity to listen to some material. The 7” brings harsch and chaotic noise, not really my thing. I don’t know if the archive is ordered chronologically, but it opens with rather cheesy dark music in the vein of those black metal sideprojects of about the same time. But the tracks get better, going to more industrial and eventually power electronics in style. There are some nice tracks on this cd, but overall Dresden ’45 does not convince me.