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pop rock

Der Blutharsch * WKN 26 (7″ 2006 wir kapitulieren niemals)

On friday 21 april I saw Der Blutharsch live in Antwerpen. This is supposedly the farewell tour. Der Blutharsch became a 5-man-band with a drummer (Bain Wolfkind), a guitar player, a bassist and mister and misses Blutharsch. They played mostly metal or rock versions of Der Blutharsch tracks. As usual, there is a limited (2000 copies) one-sided 7″ which can be bought ‘only’ during the tour. The track is a slow rocky song with a wah-wah guitar and singing. Nothing special really, but since I own most Der Blutharsch material and the band may cease to exist after the tour, a nice thing to have.

Arise From Thorns * Before An Audience Of Stars (cd 2001 dark symphonies)

AFT were formed in 1997 and released their debut cd themselves in 1998. This cd was also released by the band itself in 1999 and it is now re-released by Dark Symphonies from the US. In the meantime, the band has changed style and their name became “Brave” and what I understand from the bio, their music moved more in a metal direction.
So what about AFT then? Well, this music sounds very poppy to me, atmospheric pop rock so to say with very nice female vocals. There are not too many electric guitars to be heard on “Before An Audience Of Stars” and the music is mostly very tranquil. I am not too familiar with the discography of The Gathering, but I think the atmosphere of “Before…” is comparable to that of The Gathering of a year or two back, experimental atmospheric rock music with female vocals.
And about the quality level, I am rather much in doubt. However it sounds nice and very well done, I don’t like it too much.