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blues rock

David Lynch * The Big Dream (2013)

Recently Lynch is more active as a musician than as filmmaker, “Crazy Clown Time” is hardly two years old and in between he rereleased the “Mullholland Drive” soundtrack and released a live cd. “The Big Dream” is (even) more tranquil than its predecessor. It opens with some nice, bluesy tracks, but the larger part is soft, sometimes electronic, somewhat jazzy or just a simple rhythm on the drum with minimalistic guitar playing and Lynch´s voice.
“The Big Dream” is another nice album. I do not like it as much as “Crazy Clown Time” and the Bluebob project is even better, but this latest release is certainly a very nice album to play.
Links: David Lynch, Sunday Best Recordings

Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand * The Beginning And The End (7″ 2012)

This 7″ was released for the 2012 tour and is undoubtely highly limited, etc. Previous tour-singles prove to be available for quite a while and from different sources. Apparantly Herr Julius’ releases are not (always) as popular as they used to be these days. When you have heard the latest cd, this 7″ will come with no surprises. With the church added, Der Blutharsch makes dirty and slow psychedelic rock and that is exactly what you hear on this 7″. Nice, but since Der Blutharsch moved to the rock sound, I must say that they become more interesting live and less interesting in the living room, but I am certainly not against the new directions of Julius’ musical outlet.
Link: Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand/WKN

Bain Wolfkind * Lone Wolf (mcd 2012)

No surprises on this special tour mcd. Six tracks of Wolfkind’s slow bluesrock sound. Perhaps it is a bit less dirty than before, but no changes in the approach. The drums sound computerised (however Wolfkind is drummer in Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand) and, at least on stage, the guitars also come from a computer. Not as good as his classic albums, but “Lone Wolf” is another nice Wolfkind release.
Links: Bain Wolfkind, Hau Ruck!

David Lynch * Crazy Clown Time (cd 2011)

Lynch has been putting preview snippets and complete tracks on his Facebook page for a while and last week there was a pre-listen of the entire album. Yesterday the cd itself fell in my mailbox. “Crazy Clown Time” is written, mixed, produced and played together with Dean Hurley, a man whom Lynch has a musical history with. This mostly shows in the musical collaboration of the “Ghosts Of Love” cd-single (2007) which is musically not unlike “Crazy Clown Time”. The new album opens with a blues-rocky song. Further you will hear some techno-trance sounds, Lynch’s vocals with heavy effects and more very slow bluesrock. Some sounds we know, at other times Lynch’s tootache caused him to create a strange track with a simple rhythm and varrious minutes of Lynch’s “Strange and unproductive thinking”. The result is nicely weird, sometimes more interesting than in other tracks, but overall “CCT” is a very nice album.
Links: David Lynch, Sunday Best Recordings

Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand / Aluk Todolo * s/t (cd 2011)

This release was first made available as a 12″, but by the time I decided to buy it, the vinyl version was sold out and a cd version available. In line with previous Der Blutharsch releases (and cooperations) what we have here is a dirty, slow (mostly) instrumental rock album. How should I describe it? Stoner, sludge, Krautrock? When you have heard the latest attempts of Herr Julius, this new album will not come as a total surprise. A slow-paced album in the beginning, more midtempo halfway and some minor rock-eruptions towards the end. Perhaps not entirely my kind of music, but I like the fact that Julius just keeps doing his own thing.
Links: Der Blutharsch/WKN, Aluk Todolo

Bain Wolfkind * Music For Lovers & Gangsters (cd 2005)

It took a while before I also got the first cd of Bain Wolfkind. I should not wait too long with buying cds, because they get harder and harder to find. Going Underground apparantly have copies left of this album. Under his own name, Wolfkind makes a slow and dirty mix between blues, wave and some industrial. With his low voice and dirty lyrics the result is nicely sleezy. A large part of the music comes from keyboards, but there is also some guitar and “harmonica” to be heard. “Music For Lovers…” contains classics such as “Pimp Stick”, “My Name Is Poison” and “I’m Bad Baby”. Wolfkind is quite unlike other bands from the scene. It is nice to have him around. I will have to try to buy classic albums a bit earlier that 6 years after their release.
Links: Bain Wolfkind, Hau Ruck!

Bain Wolfkind * The Swamp Angel (cd 2008)

The Swamp AngelHowever I have the debut 10″ of Novo Homo, I have seen the man live a couple of times and I like what he does with Der Blutharsch, I have almost completely neglected Bain Wolfkind. Stupid me! “The Swamp Angel” is an amazing dirty (blues) rock album which reminds me of Bluebob here and there. Wolfkind has more releases available, I might need to see if they are as enjoyable as this one.
Links: Bain Wolfkind, Hau Ruck!

Blue Bob, David Lynch and John Neff (cd 2001 soulitude records)

Recently I discovered David Lynch as a writer and accidentally I found out that the man also makes cds. Recently released is a cd called “The Air Is On Fire”, but already six years ago David Lynch made a cd with a guy called John Neff under the name “Blue Bob”. How comes that I never heard of it? “Bluebob” can be described as dark and slow bluesrock with here and there an industrial touch and of course jazzy tunes. The album opens magnificently with great and greasy tracks. The music is slow, raw, with low-tuned guitars and deep vocals. Our duo has used a wide range of very old guitars and equipment to make a rather unique sound. Some tracks are instrumental (not the best ones), others have weird lyrics and Neff’s great vocals. In total this became a really dirty rock album; usually not my kind of music, but it seems that Lynch can turn many things into something great. I believe that while waiting for this cd, I read somewhere that there is a new Bluebob coming up, but I don’t know if I mixed it up with the soundscapes cd “The Air Is On Fire” of David Lynch alone. “Bluebob” used to be available only through, but I just got my copy from a Dutch mailorder. Recommended for Lynch-freaks and alternative (industrial) rockers alike.
(P.s. Everywhere the spelling is “Bluebob”, but Lynchnet has “Blue Bob”, I decided to just use both spellings.)