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Diutesc ‎* Evilution Resurrected / Draconigena (cd 2015)

This is not exactly the first release, but the first I heard of (I think). Diutesc is the project of an ex-Genocide Organ member. The label (Old Captain from Ukraine) does not immediately ring a bell, but I do know some of their releaes.

I got this cd from Cold Spring who filed it under “death industrial”. This certainly goes for some tracks, but many tracks I would simply describe as “industrial”, a quite harsch kind of industrial, but still. There is quite a bit of variety in style between tracks. Some are indeed “death industrial”, distorted noisy industrial with distorted vocals; others are more “industrial” (less heavy, but not quite easy-listening) or even a little ‘ambient’ or ‘rhythmic noise’. There are certainly some very nice tracks on this album (the cover of whih is entirely written in runes). The sound does not get as extreme as some GO material.

Not bad. An album if you want to get some noise that is not too extreme.

Links: Diutesc, Old Captain

Ke/Hil ‎* Zone 0 (cd 2015)

Ke/Hil is one of the monickers of the people behind Tesco (Genocide Organ, Dogpop, SK1005). For some reason I had the idea that Ke/Hil was more of a death industrial project where GO is more power electronics and Dogpop lighter and more dance-oriented (I do not know SK1005 yet).

Ke/Hil indeed seems darker and less extreme than GO and here and there indeed touches upon death industrial, but several tracks are much less extreme and can (almost?) be termed ‘dark ambient’. The overall description could perhaps be ‘dark industrial’, a term that I do not use a lot, but you do not have to be afraid of some earcracking noise if you want to try this album.

A nice, not-too-extreme album.

Link: Tesco

Trepaneringsritualen ‎* Ritualer, Blot & Botgöring (cd 2014)

In 2008 this was Trepaneringsritualen’s first cassette. It has been rereleased on vinyl in 2012 and recently on cd.

Unlike the other recent rerelease, I do not like the present title a lot. The sound is quite primitive and seems not to be as worked-out (however in the style of this Swede that is only relative as well) as later releases.

I guess this cd is mostly for archival reasons. It seems quite well available.

Links: Trepaneringsritualen, Infinite Fog

Theologian ‎* Pain Of The Saints (2cd 2015)

The productive Lee Bartow recorded 2,5 hours of music that Malignant released on a double cd. Whereas I mostly like Theologian for its oppressive and dark type of noise, this double cd contains a range of styles of industrial music. The noise forms part of the tracks on the first cd, but there is also more rhythmic noise type of music, dark ambient, ambient noise, softer rhythmical material or ‘general industrial’.

Much of the material is not as extreme as I am used to of this American project, but that is does not mean that the material is less interesting. It sounds like Lee Bartow is trying out different approaches and not without merit. “Pain Of The Saints” is an interesting release for when you are in the mood of 2,5 of extreme music.

Link: Malignant Records

Femeheim ‎* Grenzniederkunft (cd 2013)

Death Industrial from a Belgian label that I do not think I heard of. Only now I see that I bought the debut of this project while there is a more recent release available through the same label. It is not like Femeheim sounds like Brighter Death Now. The music is dark and noisy, but not all tracks have the massive low frequencies of projects like Ex.Order. There are some pretty good tracks to be found here though. The rest is more like very dark ambient with a noisy edge which works as background music.

Not bad and this does make me curious about the second album.

Links: Femeheim, Death Continues Records

Nekrofellatio ‎* Pesadilla En Una Noche Sin Estrellas (cd 2014)

I thought to have ordered a death industrial cd, but this starless night nightmare is more a collection of weird and noisy soundscapes, too unstructured for my liking. The music is somewhat dark here and there, but I think that this release is more for people who like noisy soundscapes than people who are looking for noise or death industrial. I guess the label expects an audience, so I am sure it must be there. Quite a sad project name too by the way.

Not my thing. No worries, that can happen.

Link: Death Continues Records

Brighter Death Now * With Promises Of Death (cd 2014)

CMI may be dead and buried, but Roger Karmanik apparently wanted to keep full control, so he founded a new label, Familjegraven, to release his own material. “With Promises Of Death” is the first effort.

The album contains dark and pounding, noisy industrial. Most of the tracks are not the chaotic, earcracking type of noise that BDN delivers sometimes, but more my kind of noise. “Death industrial” is a good way to describe the music. For those of you who know BDN there will be no big surprises. I am personally not an avid follower of BDN (in fact, this is the first album that I review…), but this new album sounds about as good as the wonderfull “Kamikaze Kabaret” of 2005. I do not know if I have heard each and every album in between, but there you might have an idea of the sound of the new cd.

Links: Brighter Death Now, Familjegraven

Gnawed ‎* Feign And Cloak (cd 2014)

Many thanks to Noise Receptor for this excellent suggestion. The project’s name sounds somehow familiar. This is possible, since it has released quite a number of albums (including several splits), but the labels do not really ring bells, so I doubt I ever heard anything of Gnawed. Now this American project got the possiblity to release an album through Malignant which will certainly help to raise its name. The album is even available on Deezer (but not on Spotify)!

“Feign and Cloak” contains a piece of dense and dark death indutrial. Mostly low frequency walls of noise, often with aggressive vocals; my kind of noise. Think of Ex.Order, Operation Cleansweep, Trepaneringsritualen. The music is often slowly rhythmical and highly distorted. Industrial noise, so to say.

Yep, an excellent album!

Links: Gnawed, Malignant Records

Pharmakon * Bestial Burden (cd 2014)

Pharmakon was suggested to me by Based on the project name I guessed it would be dark ambient. Then I went to see if Deezer had anything of this project and the covers of both albums more looked like indierock to me (also the cover of “Bestial Burden” looks sweet on a small screen). Neither is true! “Bestial Burden” opens with a breathing lady with some ambient tunes on the background. This takes a bit too long, but after this it becomes clear that the breathing lady of the first track is not a sample, but the artist. Pharmakon is a ladies-noise/industrial project! You probably would not say that she makes pretty extreme music when you would meet Margaret Chardiet on the street. Music wise she goes from earcracking noise with dramatically screamed vocals to (Sistrenatus like) ritualistic industrial and more downright industrial sounds. I prefer the tracks in which Chardiet uses her voice in another way than for screaming, but I can say that this is quite varried and at times very nice noise.
The label, Sacred Bones, is interesting to have a closer look at too. I noticed that shoegazers Led Er Est, the electropunkers of Cult Of Youth, the noise rockers of Factums and even famous people like David Lynch and Jim Jarmusch are part of their roster.
Links: Pharmakon, Sacred Bones Records

v/a * Treatmeant Of The Dead (cd 2014)

The latest Cold Spring sampler is a very very noisy one. The most eye-catching track is one by “Coil / Nine Inch Nails”, but the most ear-cathing is the track of Trepaneringsritualen. For the rest there are project that I already knew (Merzbow, Troum, Burial Hex, Skullflower, Iron Fist Of The Sun and Z’ev) and projects that I did not know, or only heard of (Sol, Tunnels of Ah, Shift, Mesektet, Khost and Sutekh Hexen).
Like I said, the compilation is pretty noisy, also with ear-piercing high frequencies and little structure. Not all my taste, but it is always nice to hear new projects.
Link: Cold Spring Records