Ex.Order * Corporate Control (cd 2007 power and steel)

Long ago when I was still a newbee in the industrial world, I got most of my stuff from Loki. In that time they also had the ‘sublabels’ (?) Nature and Organisation and Power and Steel. Apparently at least the latter still exists. For a very long time I couldn’t listen to noise, but the darker sounds of Söldnergeist or Ex.Order appealled to me. Yet I haven’t really followed these projects. I do have some releases of both and now with this new Ex.Order album (the first real album since 1999) I decided to get myself a copy. “Corporate Control” opens with impressive and very dark low-frequency noise tracks, the way I like it! This dark tone remains present, but not all the tracks are as noisy as the first. There are also more ambient-like tracks, but also they are nice. Slow, low frequencies, distorted voices and samples and here and there a noisy outburst. I think the lovers of power electronics need nothing more to be said, get this great new album! For those who are not too familiar with this kind of music, Ex.Order is a noise act that you may start with listening to noise. It is extreme in style, but not too extreme in sound, so your ears may get used to this kind of tonal anarchism.

Ex.Order * War Within Breath (cd 2001 malignant records)

Several years ago I got to know Ex.Order from vinyls on the German State-Art label. Later they appeared on the festival compilation cd “Collapse” (2000) and as far as I know this is the first full-length. Unfortunately this is not a cd with new material. It contains material from the 1997 tape “Law Of Heresy”, two live tracks and then 5 tracks that were previously not available, but that were recorded between 1997 and 2000.
Most of “War Within Breath” is quite typical noise with massive walls of sound. Some tracks have deep drones and heavy beats and these are mostly the tracks that I like. The largest part of this cd is not really my kind of noise.

Dresden ’45 * Breath On Me (7” 2003 steinklang) & Archiv 1993 – 1999 (cd der elfentanz)

Dresden ’45 is one of these names singing around, but for the rest unknown to me. The Steinklang sellout gave me the opportunity to listen to some material. The 7” brings harsch and chaotic noise, not really my thing. I don’t know if the archive is ordered chronologically, but it opens with rather cheesy dark music in the vein of those black metal sideprojects of about the same time. But the tracks get better, going to more industrial and eventually power electronics in style. There are some nice tracks on this cd, but overall Dresden ’45 does not convince me.

Dissecting Table * Memories (cd 2000 triumvirate)

HELL YES!! Extreme-teknoid-metal-power-electronics from Japan!! I knew this band made a lot of noise, but I had only one darkambient tracks of theirs. “Memories” is the most extreme electronic rage that has come to my collection for a while. From chaotic noise eruptions to ‘noise death metal’ and teknoid (cuts and clicks?) insanity and all with very distorted vocals. Very nice, and on older cd is reviewed below. <12/1/04><3>

Dissecting Table * Power Out Of Control (cd 1998 triumvirate)

This is an older more teknoid cd by Ichori Tsuji from Hiroshima. He slowly lets you get used to his insanity, with a relatively tranquil opener. After about four minutes the (sampled?) guitars come in, but it is only in track two that things get harder. In the more tranquil parts DT reminds a bit of Mental Destruction, partly because of the same kind of vocals. Overal this cd is much less extreme than “Memories”, but still fairly hard. There are also metal-influences here, but more techno.

Des Esseintes * Muse/Succubus (7” 2000 fin de siècle media)

Another project by Magnus Sundström (better known as The Protagonist) with which I think he has more plans, since Magnus also plays live with this project.
Anyway, the phrase “play at maximum volume” made me expect noise and I was right. One track is a not too good noise track, the other is more industrial and a bit better.

Deadwood * 8 19 (cd 2005 cold spring)

Cold Spring noise. When I put on “8 19” (unfortunately I haven’t been able to find out what the title refers to, 19 august of some year?) and heard the uncompromising and unstructured extreme noise opening track, I feared that this would be a cd with a kind of noise that I can’t stand. But after 11 minutes we go to track two and things get a lot better, very dark ambient, a little monotous, but nice. Almost 15 minutes later we go on to a better kind of noise, low frequencies, an industrial background, but still pretty damn loud. This goes on for 11 minutes after which a track opens with dark ambient, but going over in very dark noise, a really great track. The last two tracks are shorter, 10 minutes and 4 minutes. The fifth track has some kind of rhythm, but very slow and the last track is more like a dark industrial ambient piece. Accept for the first one, I really like “8 19”. All track have the highly distorted vocals, but that is okay when the music is distorted too. It seems that nowadays noise tends to have the nice, dark sound that I enjoy and not as much making ‘noise for the sake of noise’. Deadwood is also a good example of a noise act that doesn’t stick to one kind of noise, bringing variety and innovation to the genre. That is nice, because I find myself enjoying noise more often than a couple of years ago!

Con-Dom / Militia * Scorched Earth Policy (cd 2002 old europa café avs)

Militia is a great industrial act from Belgium. So far I have only been able to get their 2cd “The Black Flag Hoisted” (2000, see elsewhere), since their releases are all very special and very limited. I like the 2cd so much that I even got myself a split cd with the noise-act Con-Dom that make a chaotic kind of noise that I really can’t listen to. Just before I got this cd, I read that this is a re-release of an old tape with live-material. Hm…
Well, the Con-Dom tracks are as expected not of my liking. The Militia tracks aren’t too great either. It seems that these (mostly live?) tracks were not done with the amount of people that they are on stage nowadays (also see “art”, “live”, “stigma 2001”) and the music isn’t as lively either. Still the tracks are quite nice. Strange industrial soundscapes with weird sounds of live drumming on strange subjects, but not as good as the cd that I already had. I hope I will be able to get my hands on more recent material some time.

Brandkommando * Time Of Violence (2cd 2006 beast of prey)

The Polish label beast of prey released a cheap, but very limited (200 copies) double cd by Brandkommando. Not the only release of this act it seems. “Time Of Violence” contains chaotic noise / power electronics that is not only not original, but also too much to listen to. I can’t stand the larger part of the first disc, the second disc is relatively more tranquil and even contains a nice track or two, but overall I can only say that this is only another noise release. The only thing original seems that it seems that the bands want a ‘leftish’ image with a songtitle “NS Idiots” and “communistic” samples and artwork.

Axone & kNOw * Night Of Deliverance (cdr 2002 somnambulant corpse recordings)

SCR keeps putting out releases at high speed. In the usual DVD-box comes the usual black disc with the (usual?) dark ambient/ industrial/ noise soundscapes. Axone we know from earlier releases. They contributed two long tracks go from tranquil soundscapes via tranquil to harder industrial and noise. kNOw is a new act to me. They contributed four tracks, which start with strange soundscapes and extreme rhythmical noise. The other two tracks are more ambient soundscapes, quite monotous, but dark. Again quite a nice release on SCR, but I hope the next releases will have a bit more variety in style. The noise tracks of kNOw are for example something that I would like to hear more of.