MZ.412 * Domine Rex Inferum (cd 2002 cold meat industry)

However I found several MZ tracks brilliant, I never bought any of their cds. The brilliant tracks are accompanied by boring ones making me decide not to purchase any cd so far. I do have tracks from various albums, from their mp3-page, so I have not been quite ‘MZ-less’. I heard this new cd is more dark industrial and less noise, so I wanted to give it a try anyhow. I listened to it in a recordstore, decided to buy it, but coming home I noticed that there are only three tracks on this cd. Quite good, nothing said about that, but the second is a very long industrial soundscape. Anyway, low frequencies this time, so watch out when you like MZ for their noise-tracks. Personally I prefer the low frequencies in noise anyway, so I am not disappointed by this disc.

Murderous Vision / Kuru * Blood-Brain Barrier (cdr 2003 somnambulant corpse recordings)

As you may expect from the bandnames and title, this is a noise cd. Finally a total noise cd on Somnambulant Corpse. I know Murderous Vision from the Live Bait 2mc compilation (1999) and of course the Somnambulant 2002 compilation “The Outsider”. Also Kuru can be found on “The Outsider”. Both bands present something far more extreme on this violent split-cdr though. MV opens with chaotic noise with screeching and rambling. After a relatively tranquil track all hell breaks loose and you get a smack in the face with three extremely violent tracks which I find highly enjoyable. Slightly rhythmical, low frequences and with distorted sounds and vocals. I especially like the fifth and sixth track which remind a bit of Propergol (first cd).
Then on to Kuru. Very ‘noisescapish’ on “The Outsider” and also here this is a description that I could use. The first three tracks go over in chaotic noise though. Not as good as MV, but still interesting.
Not bad for a noise cd actually. Not bad at all! Keep expanding your limits Somnambulant!

Materialschlacht * Waakzaamheid En Vertrouwen (cdr 2002? stahlklang audio)

Materialschlacht is the pre-A Challenge Of Honour project of Peter Savelkoul. As far as I know there is only a 7″ of this project, but here we have 9 tracks from a demo and an older track on an older cd that is very limited but not completely sold out yet. Materialschlacht is harder, more industrial and most of all darker than ACOH. The cd opens with some monotous ambient/industrial/noise tracks, but lateron there are more rhythmical tracks. Most tracks are pretty good.
The cd is dedicated to the neutral attitude of the Dutch people (in war, but also out of war) “which is summarised in two words: alertness and trust” (which words are the meaning of the title). A nice re-release on Stahlklang, limited to 25 copies, so don’t wait.

Leiche Rustikal * Rudra (12” 2003 steinklang) & Impuls (cd 2004 steinklang)

The Austrian Steinklang label/distro has a sell-out over overstock of their own releases, but also some items in their distribution. “Rudra” was the debut full-lengthof this German industrial act. It contains harsch noise and some industrial and is not too good in my opinion. Things got a lot better with their debut cd though! “Impuls” contains extremely low frequencies, very dark ambient soundscapes, noise, pulsating rhythms and here and there more ‘danceable’ industrial with even technoish beats. “Impuls” is a strong, original and very enjoyable album.

Karjalan Sissit * Tanssit On Loppu Nyt (cd 2006 cyclic law)

This is another of these albums that I was in doubt about. Karjalan makes enjoyable music, but not too original. When I heard that the new album also only lasts for half an hour, my doubt became even greater. But in the end I got myself a copy, just out of curiosity. The new album proves to be even louder than the previous ones. More noise, even more agressive vocals, more bombast, so still a bit of a surprise. Of course the loud tracks are alternated with dark ambient tracks, like before. Again not a top-class album, but certainly not a boring one either. Karjalan surely leaves similar projects such as Sophia or Triarii far behind in agressiveness. <4/12/06><3>u

Haus Arafna * Butterfly (cd 2003 galakthorrö)

How often have I doubted whether or not to buy a cd of mr. and mrs. Arafna and afterall I bought the newest cd. This lovely couple proves to make oldfashioned industrial. Rhythmical, noisy sounds and distorted vocals, but also sung and even clear vocals and technoish elements. A nice mix of the old and the new sounds, so to say. I had expected Haus Arafna to be harder, but still this is a very enjoyable industrial cd. <25/12/03><3>

Gruntsplatter / Slowvent * split release (cd 1998 crionic mind)

I bought this cd because I was curious about Gruntsplatter. I have two contributions to compilation cds (Baited Breath mc and On The Brink Of Infinity cd) which are fairly good. Harsch and very dark industrial/noise made in a descent way. This cd turned out to be an old one, but since it’s still available, I might just as well review it anyway. Both Gruntsplatter and Slowvent make dark noise on this album. Hardly any beat or industrial influence is to be found. You’ll mainly hear deep drowning noises, rumbling and the usual noise screeking. All in a pretty monotous way and not very good.

Goatvargr * s/t (cd 2006 cold spring)

Goatvargr is Goat (USA) and MZ.412, etc. (Swe), so you may know what to expect. This untitled album contains about 45 minutes of very heavy industrial noise. Some (parts of) tracks (such as the beginning of the cd) are nice and dark, other tracks are too chaotic noise for my taste, but the heavy industrial beats make Goatvargr better to endure. For the lovers of extreme electronics.

Folkstorm * Sweden (cd 2004 cold spring)

Cold Spring found 2001 material of this Swedish noise-combo that they forgot to release and the band decided to remix and remaster this material and make it into a goodbye cd, the last Folkstorm release. Funny, when I got the cd and saw the cover there is a picture looking awfully much like that on a t-shirt that I recently bought, but then the print is a mix between our Dutch royal ‘logo’ and the logo of the shop. Anyway, “Sweden” contains 50 minutes of extreme noise. Some tracks are fairly enjoyable with dark drones, some kind of rhythm or highly distorted melodies, while others are nothing but earcracking noise. I prefer the more structured kind of noise and this cd is a bit too much in the other direction. When I only pick the good tracks, this cd is still relatively enjoyable, but the other half is not really my cup of tea. Those who DO like the more extreme kind of sound will already be familiar with this Swedish band, have their other material and buy this last cd as well.