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martial industrial

Der Blutharsch * Live In Leiden (cd 2010)

At the height of the fascist-musicians-hunt, Der Blutharsch came to the Dutch city of Leiden in September 2004. Of course the at that time usual raids of protests arose, but the major did see no reason to justify a prohibition and the show continued. The whole event became national news, especially when some of the local politicians said to go and see the show and Albin provocatively answered insinuating questions during the interview. There were no protestants outside the venue, but visitors were checked for ‘forbidden symbolism’. People had to deposit their iron crosses, while being the bandlogo at the time, they featured meters-high on each side of the stage. In the end everything was pretty much ‘a storm in a glass or water’ as we say here in the Netherlands. The politicians found the show tasteless, but not illegal.
Almost six years later, Albin decided to release recordings of the show, possibly for the old fans who are not happy with the new sound, as a reminder of people who were there or maybe as a bit of provocation, because the provocation ebbed away in recent years. The sound of the recordings is much better than I expected. The music is of course the martial industrial style with out of tone singing. I am not too fond of live recordings, usually studio recordings sound a lot better, but “Live In Leiden” is indeed a nice reminder.
Link: Der Blutharsch, WKN

Le Testament De La Lumière * Echoes Out Of Time (cd 2010)

Some seven years ago I reviewed the demo of this project. I was aware that this demo later got a regular release, but not until now did I notice that the band slightly changed it’s name going from lights to light. Seven years ago “sounds like Der Blutharsch” was still a selling-line and however Le Testament indeed has some martial edges, the music was more ambient than industrial. Actually, the same can be said about this new album. “Echoes Out Of Time” starts with minimalistic and monotous soundscapes with a bit of drumming, but towards the end the music becomes more industrial with here and there a touch of noise. I am still not particularly impressed by the old style, the last few tracks are alright. Overall this album is not really convincing, but perhaps you happen to enjoy ‘martial ambient’.
Link: Steinklang

Murder Corporation * Auf Wiedersehen (cd 2010)

“This is a “different” style for Murder Corporation. Auf Wiedersehen is a dark industrial ambient opera mixed with military marches music. Only for MC lovers.”
I guess I do not fall in that category. “Different” I took different from brutal unstructured noise, but inspite of the marchmusic and propaganda film samples, “Auf Wiedersehen” consists mostly of boring noise and I cannot find the “dark industrial ambient opera”. The package is quite something though, some kind of foldout digipack (a “jakebox”). Limited to 93 copies.
Links: Murder Corporation, Ars Benevola Mater

NDE * Krieg Blut Ehre Asche (cd 2009)

Yet another project of Dead Man’s Hill, Alle Sagen Ja, Eisengrau, etc. NDE makes a mix between black metal, martial industrial, bombastic orchestrations and noise. The result is a heavy pompous sound with distorted screamed vocals and raging guitars. Quite extreme, quite original, not alway quite good. There are some nice orchestral noisy tracks, but as soon as the guitars set in, I loose my interest. I think this album will appeal to people who like the later sound of Karjalan Sissit with the noisy orchestrations and screamed vocals, but then with guitars added.
Links: NDE, Cold Spring

Dawn & Dusk Entwined * Cathédrales De Brume (cd 2009)

Dawn & Dusk Entwined has never been my favourite project, but this latest album is still quite disappointing. I do not have everything that David released, this is the fourth album including the split with Golgatha. “Cathedrals of mist” is a soundtrack to a book and very minimalistic and repetative orchestral ambient. Only in the darker orchestral parts and the scarce martial tracks things get better, for the larger part of the 27 (!) tracks are not really my cup of tea.
Links: Dawn & Dusk Entwined / Aube et Crépuscule

Der Blaue Reiter * Nuclear Sun – Chronicle Of A Nuclear Disaster (2009)

Nuclear Sun - Chronicle Of A Nuclear DisasterI thought that Der Blaue Reiter was one of these popular orchestral martial projects and I never really listened to them. Actually the sound of this project is more mature than just some drumming over orchestrations with speech-samples. Der Blaue Reiter is more of a neoclassical project with here and there a martial track. Some tracks are very melancholic, others are more bombastic and martial. It is not that “Nuclear Sun” is a masterpiece, but much better than I expected and much better structured too.
Links: Der Blaue Reiter, Ars Musica Diffundere

Dead Man’s Hill * Songs From The Forthcoming Apocalypse (2008)

Songs For The Forthcoming ApocalypseHowever I have known this Belgian project since the early days, I never really followed him. When Dead Man’s Hill was still new, I saw him live a few times. I heard some of the releases, but was not interested enough to buy them besides two split releases. Interested in what DMH would sound like nowadays, I got myself this cd. The sound is still more or less the same: slow and pompous industrial with slow beats and orchestrations. The sound reminds quite a bit of In Slaughter Natives here and there, but especially the weird (and rather irritating sometimes) vocal effects and the use of guitars (sometimes it is almost metal) give DMH a sound of his own. Some tracks are alright, but most are not all that good in my opinion.
Links: Dead Man’s Hill, Midnight Productions

TriORE * Three Hours (cd 2009)

Three HoursAs ORE keeps releasing new albums, my interest deminishes, the last Triarii album is a great album though and the “Roses For Rome” song that these two did together is very nice too. So what would an entire album of a combination of these two projects sound like? Besides the first and last track, it seems that ORE had a lot more influence on the sound as Triarii. The songs are tranquil, ORE-like and only on the background are some martial industrial or orchestral sounds. It is funny to hear the similarities of the sounds of both projects and “Three Hours” sounds better than ORE alone, but I would have like a bit more Triarii sound in here. I must say that like with Triarii the simple melodies start to work better after a few rounds in the player, so maybe this album will grow on me a bit more.
Links: Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Triarii, Cold Meat Industry, Eternal Soul Records

l’Effet c’Est Moi * Les Voix De L’ Apocalypse (cd 2009)

Les Voix De L' ApocalypseWhen I saw this album on a distribution list I did not realise that I knew this band from some online compilation (“Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense” 2006). Apparently they released an earlier album called “Tomber en Heroés” (2006 I heard it and it is a not too good martial album. When I listed the new tracks on the band’s Myspace I figured I might get the album. Well, “Les Voix…” actually is another not too good or professional bombastic martial release. Digital copper and orchestrations and of course a lot of drumming make this entirely instrumental album into an average album in a genre that apparently sounds about the same as 10 years ago. Sometimes the melodies are catching and the atmosphere good, but as a whole I find this album not particularly good.
Links: l’Effet c’est Moi, Midnight Productions

Karjalan Sissit * Fucking Whore Society (cd 2009)

FWSWhen you read my reviews of the previous albums of Karjalan Sissit you will notice that I never really held this project in high regard. His music is alright, but there are better projects in this style. With the previous album Pesonen gave a bit of extra gass and he recorded an album much more agressive than anything in the “bombastic industrial” style of that time (and still). Too bad that on the latest album, he just repeats himself and made a copy of “Tanssit…”. Nice dark soundscapes with speechsamples are alternated with bombastic and sometimes orchestral industrial with fierce drumming and very aggressive vocals. Not really boring, but not really great either.
Links: Karjalan Sissit, Cyclic Law