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industrial disco

Dogpop * Bleierne Zeiten (lp 2013)

I was quite surprised to hear that Dogpop made another release, a 12″. Whereas on earlier cds the sound of Dogpop was somewhat humoristic ‘industrial disco’, this time the material seems more industrial. There are also tracks that certainly remind of earlier material as well though. As previously, the music of Dogpop is not brilliant, but certainly something different and very nice to play every now and then.
Link: Dogpop

va * Schlagstrom vol. 7 (2cd 2013)

This double cd celebrates 10 years of Schlagstrom. I have never been to the Schlagstrom festival. Actually I have known the name for quite a while without knowing that it is a festival (I thought it was a label or something). In any case, this compilation has some names on it that made me buy it to try it out, but there are many more names on it that are new to me, which could be another reason to get it. Thorofon is on disc 2, but they have a not too interesting discoish track. Better in ‘the Thorofon style’ is Gerechtigkeits Liga’s track on the first disc. Unfortunately M.A.O. is again somewhat disappointing.
What I expected the festival to be like, the first disc mostly contains ‘rhythmical industrial’ (what today is called ‘rhythmic noise’). Mostly not really extreme, but nicely danceable. There are also some harder tracks and a little bit of downright noise. Disc 2 is nice with a lot of analogue electronic music. Unfortunately there are two terrible tracks (Underhill and Kunst Als Strafe) in the beginning and towards the end the more experimental tracks are not always my taste.
Overall I think the first disc is most consistent in enjoyability, but the most interesting tracks are on disc 2. Indeed, a varried compilation for people who are interested in the current state of industrial music.
Links: Schlagstrom, Prodam

Thorofon * New Heroes Essentials (cd 2012)

I only started to follow Thorofon when I ran into the 2003 album “This Summer Suicide” in 2007. After that I have been hunting down earlier releases and buying the new ones as they came. Thorofon has grown to be one of my favourite projects. I only had “New Heroes” on the computer, since I never got a copy of this 2005 double lp. Now it is released on cd! Well, sort of… 13 Of the original 19 tracks found their way to the cd (hence the new title) and two tracks have been added. “New Heroes” is given to be the transition album between the power electroncis of the old days and the disco sound of today, but actually “This Summer Suicide” of two years earlier should get that credit. In any case, I love the new sound of Thorofon and like some of the old material and I certainly like the combination of the two styles, so I was happy to learn about this “New Heroes” cd. It is certainly another wonderfull album with relatively accessible industrial and a very welcome addition to my collection.
Links: Thorofon, Klanggalerie

Thorofon * Targets (12″ 2012)

The new Thorofon is certainly a new step is the development of their sound, but unfortunately I do not like it as before. Still “Targets” is an interesting album, with extremities to both sides. There are almost synthpop tracks, but also brutal noisy industrial. Most tracks are nice, but not as good as most tracks on the last cd. One side has four tracks, side B two. Two of the A side tracks are light, the others darker. The B-side tracks are more varried, but not very extreme. The lp comes in a poster and with a card to download the tracks for the poor bastards who no longer have a record player. Better than much that comes out, but no rising curve in the projects discography.
Links: Thorofon, Ant-Zen

v/a * ZugZwang II (cd 2011)

I missed all three festivals, but fortunately I do have all three limited special festival releases. This time the compilation comes in a black envelop with a metal text pasted on it and with a metal plate inside. Strangely enough there is no playlist in the package. The projects that played this time are of course presented on this nice release. First there are three tracks of a project that I do not believe I had ever heard of: Cent Ans De Solitude. These tracks are the most industrial and noisy of “ZugZwang II”, but I do not mean to say that it is very extreme. The tracks are nice. Next up is UMB-project M.A.O. who bring something in between oldstyle industrial and the “terrorpop” of later Thorofon. The tracks are very nice. The most interesting contribution to this cd are the three tracks of PPF. A bit ‘trance-industrial’ either or not with slightly distorted vocals. Probably the best known project here is Esplendor Geometrico who contributed two nice industrial tracks. Indeed, Chamber Music again offers a very nice compilation, so I hope I will hear about this year’s festival on time.
Links: Chamber Music, Cent Ans De Solitude, M.A.O., PPF, Esplendor Geometrico

Thorofon * Exkarnation (cd 2011)

In 2005 the Thorofon / The Musick Wreckers split 7″ announced the transition of Thorofon to a new project. It looks like Thorofon got more active than they ever were since the project was abandonned! Last week I was listening to when I heard a great track. It appeared to be of Thorofon (I was not even listening industrial music, but minimal/wave) and from an album that I never heard of. A recent album! I immediately ordered my copy from Tesco who sent it in notime. “Exkarnation” is indeed a new album, in fact, it has been performed live at the latest Maschinenfest too. Continuing the path of this project, this great album starts with a sound that is almost electropunk (after an introductionary track). Lateron the more ‘industrial disco’ sound prevails and slowly things get more industrial but still in the recent Thorofon style. “Exkarnation” is brilliant until a chaotic closing track that I do not like much. Keep it coming boys and girl, also of The Musick Wreckers please. I love the new face of industrial music.
Links: Thorofon, Ant-Zen

v/a * C21H23NO5: Diacetylmorphin (cd 2006)

This is a very interesting compilation (that is for some reason not listed on Discogs) that I must admit I mostly bought for the contribution of The Musick Wreckers. The Musick Wreckers contributed two very nice tracks in their ‘industrial disco’ style, nicely dirty and still catchy. The other tracks are all quite good ‘ambient noise’, except for the two ‘power electronics’ tracks of Control at the end. I did not know the opening project Tardive Dyskinesia but their tracks are good. Also Atrox did not go to the extremes that they sometimes reach and Leiche Rustikal did not contribute tracks in their rhythmic noise style. A nice cd available for a very nice price at the Steinklang sales-action (if not sold out by now).

v/a * 10 Years Of Transmission (cd 2010)

I got this wonderfull compilation when I bought the new Geneviéve Pasquier which is released on United Manipulation Broadcasting. It opens with a great and noisy version of Pasquier’s “Existance”, they way I like her. What follows next are mostly exclusive tracks or alternative versions of The Musick Wreckers (very nice), Tonal Y Nagual (including their apparently only good track), Thorofon and Dogpop. Then the sound gets more industrial noisy with Kommando and M.A.O. After this we go to the neofolk project Jägerblut which is not my thing. To close off we get a project that is new to me: Lambitani, a true UMB project with a weird combination of industrial and folk. A very nice compilation, especially when you get it for free! I guess that if you want a copy yourself, you should just order the new Pasquier directly from UMB.
Link: United Manipulation Broadcasting

The Musick Wreckers * Mission Mass Media (picture 12″ 2008)

Mission Mass MediaWho thinks that sharing music is a bad thing? I ran into this lp on some P2P user’s list by accident. I did not even know about this release. Fortunately it is still available. After the split 7″ which spelled Thorofon’s goodbye and The Musick Wrecker’s hello, it seemed that our duo left the industrial sound for an even more experimental sound, but actually “Mission Mass Media” continues where Thorofon left of with “This Summer Suicide“. “Industrial disco” obviously rooted in old style industrial and noise with simple but catchy melodies and simple repetative rhythms and (distorted) vocals. The tracks here are more interesting (but less surprising) than the tracks on the 7″. A very nice release!
Links: The Musick Wreckers, La Nouvelle Alliance (no website found)