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Blitzkrieg Baby – War Gods (mc 2018)

Blitzkrieg Baby again releases a tape through Beläten. “War Gods” comes quite naturally after the previous Beläten tapes with a mix between “industrial disco” and more minimalistic tracks. And of course there are the known Blitzkrieg Baby vocals.

The opening track is a recognisable Blitzkrieg Baby track with repetitive music, a steady rhythm, an organ-like sound and the typical vocals. Then follow two track revolving around a repeated sound either or not with vocals. The best track is “Bott Hammer Kiss” which has a much more industrial style. The closing track is less ‘disco’, but certainly rhythmical (slow though) with whispered vocals.

5 Tracks, a little under half an hour of music available in a limited tape edition. This makes a nice addition to the discography of the Swedish project. I like the first and last two tracks best, but “War Gods” makes an enjoyable tape overall.

Links: Blitzkrieg Baby, Beläten

Geneviève Pasquier * Live One (mc 2016)

Discogs.comYou have to be patient for releases of Pasquier (under her own name at least). “Handle With Care” is already from 2010. This new cassette does not even contain (much) new music either.

Side A mostly contains reworkings of old tracks such as Blitzkrieg Baby and Warm Leatherette, but also new (or at least unreleased) tracks like Douleur and 8 P.M. Daily News. This side has more of the ‘soft side’ of Pasquier with also a bit of new elements here and there.

Then we flip over to side B which contains a live recording from a Wien/Vienna show in April 2011. The tracks here come both from earlier and more recent albums. Live Pasquier can be nicely industrial, raw and energetic (I remember a great show at the 2010 Summer Darkness Festival in Utrecht, Netherlands). The recordings do not sound as raw as I remember the Utrecht show, but I prefer this side over side A. The live recordings have an alright sound, but the oddly faded applauses are a bit strange.

“Live One” makes a nice album, an overview of Pasquier’s discography. I am curious if there will be new material some day though. There are only 100 tapes, so if you are a collector, be quick. You can also buy a Bandcamp release.

Links: Geneviève Pasquier, Raubbau

Thorofon * Roots (cd 2016)

Celebrating their 20th aniverary Thorofon reworked some old material. However I thought I was quite familiar with this German industrial project, I do not recognise a whole lot of tracks.

As you can expect the sound on “Roots” is a bit more old-style, more industrial than the recent ‘industrial disco’ type of releases. Recent releases do seem to have more extremities between harsch industrial and more ‘disco’ tracks than “Roots” though. This new album is fairly consistantly industrial, but in the Thorofon style of course.

A nice release from Ant-Zen.

Links: Thorofon, Ant-Zen

Thorofon ‎* Live N’ Buried (mc 2015)

On a mailing order list I saw a Thorofon tape that I did not have. It proves to contain recordings of two live shows, one of which I actually attended! In fall 2013 me and my girlfriend took a massive detour home from Scotland to be able to see Thorofon live in Paris.

Side A of the tape is a recording of the 2011 show at Maschinenfest, so side B is for the Le Petit Bain show. I must say that the recording captures the lively show well, even when I am usually not fond of live-recordings. Raubbau/Pflichtkauf did a nice job with a good-looking tape in a slipcase with nice artwork and a printed tape.

A nice addition to the Thorofon collection.

Links: Thorofon, Raubbau

Cryme * Mekonium (mc 2013)

It may become boring, but here is another wonderfull Beläten tape/download (the tape has probably been sold out for over a year). Of course, since Beläten puts their releases on Bandcamp, you can listen to them before you buy them, I only got myself the ones that I liked. That is not to say that the all other Beläten releases are boring, but they were either obviously not my taste or I had to make choices because I did not want to buy everything.
In any case, Cryme makes a strange kind of industrial which goes from old-style industrial to a more minimal wave sound and less common sonic experiments. Sometimes Cryme reminds me of the ‘industrial disco’ style of Thorofon. Actually the latter may not be such a bad comparison. Not that “Mekonium” sounds like Thorofon, but the two projects would fit well together on a stage. Recommended.
Link: Beläten

Blitzkrieg Baby * Porcus Norvegicus (cd 2013)

On returning from holidays I am pleased to finally find the debut cd of Blitzkrieg Baby (or in this case actually Blitzkrieg Baby And The Squaeling Piglet Ensemble) in the mailbox (and a copy of the tape from another sender). This cd is great! Like on the tape there is a mix between old-style industrial, Thorofon-like ‘industrial disco’, more ambient tunes and a lot of musically original ideas. The tracks go from dark to catchy and the lyrics are usually wonderfully sleazy. This cd was released by Neuropa, so it is perhaps easier to get than the tape that was recently released, but my advice it to try to get your hands on both.
Links: Blitzkrieg Baby, Neuropa Records

Blitzkrieg Baby ‎* Kids’ World (mc 2014)

From the moment I got an email if I was interested in reviewing the second release of Blitzkrieg Baby, I have been humming the classic jazz tune with the same name (that was of course also recorded by Geneviève Pasquier). “Termed Industrial Pop by some, and Unclassifiable Filth by others”, of course with a Pasquier song my expectations ran a bit towards ‘industrial disco’. However comparisons to Thorofon and Pasquier can certainly be made, Blitzkrieg Baby is more industrial, or perhaps I should say ‘oldfashioned industrial’; not entirely like the earlier material of Thorofon though. The sound is nicely dirty and slightly dark with slow rhythms and male vocals, discoish and more ambient tracks and while I hear references to other projects, Blitzkrieg Kid surely has a sound of its own. The atmosphere is good and the four track ep is very interesting. There are four bonus tracks that come from the compilation “Children In Uniforms MMXIII”. They are comparible in style, so I guess I will have to get myself a copy of the debut cd on Neuropa!
Links: Blitkrieg Baby, Belaten

Dogpop * Bleierne Zeiten (lp 2013)

I was quite surprised to hear that Dogpop made another release, a 12″. Whereas on earlier cds the sound of Dogpop was somewhat humoristic ‘industrial disco’, this time the material seems more industrial. There are also tracks that certainly remind of earlier material as well though. As previously, the music of Dogpop is not brilliant, but certainly something different and very nice to play every now and then.
Link: Dogpop

va * Schlagstrom vol. 7 (2cd 2013)

This double cd celebrates 10 years of Schlagstrom. I have never been to the Schlagstrom festival. Actually I have known the name for quite a while without knowing that it is a festival (I thought it was a label or something). In any case, this compilation has some names on it that made me buy it to try it out, but there are many more names on it that are new to me, which could be another reason to get it. Thorofon is on disc 2, but they have a not too interesting discoish track. Better in ‘the Thorofon style’ is Gerechtigkeits Liga’s track on the first disc. Unfortunately M.A.O. is again somewhat disappointing.
What I expected the festival to be like, the first disc mostly contains ‘rhythmical industrial’ (what today is called ‘rhythmic noise’). Mostly not really extreme, but nicely danceable. There are also some harder tracks and a little bit of downright noise. Disc 2 is nice with a lot of analogue electronic music. Unfortunately there are two terrible tracks (Underhill and Kunst Als Strafe) in the beginning and towards the end the more experimental tracks are not always my taste.
Overall I think the first disc is most consistent in enjoyability, but the most interesting tracks are on disc 2. Indeed, a varried compilation for people who are interested in the current state of industrial music.
Links: Schlagstrom, Prodam

Thorofon * New Heroes Essentials (cd 2012)

I only started to follow Thorofon when I ran into the 2003 album “This Summer Suicide” in 2007. After that I have been hunting down earlier releases and buying the new ones as they came. Thorofon has grown to be one of my favourite projects. I only had “New Heroes” on the computer, since I never got a copy of this 2005 double lp. Now it is released on cd! Well, sort of… 13 Of the original 19 tracks found their way to the cd (hence the new title) and two tracks have been added. “New Heroes” is given to be the transition album between the power electroncis of the old days and the disco sound of today, but actually “This Summer Suicide” of two years earlier should get that credit. In any case, I love the new sound of Thorofon and like some of the old material and I certainly like the combination of the two styles, so I was happy to learn about this “New Heroes” cd. It is certainly another wonderfull album with relatively accessible industrial and a very welcome addition to my collection.
Links: Thorofon, Klanggalerie