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Tonal Y Nagual * La Sierra Mecánica (cd 2009)

A while ago I was listening to the Myspaces of UMB bands (or so) and heard the great track “Cog In The Machine”. I figured that I needed to have a proper look to this band, but the other tracks were less interesting. I did not pay much attention before I got the UMB compilation with “The Cog” and “Loneliest Place” which is more a soft dance track with singing. After a couple of times I found the song quite nice and so I got Tonal’s last album afterall. Tonal Y Nagual is a strange band, which is to be expected on UMB. “La Sierra Mecánica” goes from soft techno tunes to loud industrial and quite a bit of industrial rock. It all sure sounds different from anything I have heard, but I find it not really good. I have heard the album a few times now, maybe it will grow a bit more on me, but currently I can only say that the album is interesting, but not really my thing.
Link: Tonal Y Nagual, Confusibombus

Luftwaffe * Ere I Perish (cd 2010)

One of my favourite bands comes with a new album. Four years after the magnificent “Event Nihilisti” comes “Ere I Perish”. Again the band goes from industrial to (neo)folk and back, everything with their very own rock’n’roll’ish style. Nihilistic lyrics and music combined with sometimes dark, sometimes catchy songs and strange experimentations, Luftwaffe the way I like them. “Ere I Perish” is again an album that grows on me. The first part is mostly pretty dark, the latter half more folky, but in both styles, the tracks are again very interesting and original. Yep, Luftwaffe created another album that will find its way to my player frequently.
Links: Luftwaffe, Old Europa Café

Bad Sector * Cmasa (cd 2009)

Of the many releases and compilation contributions of Bad Sector I have but a few of the latter. I never really listened to this Italian project and with this new album I guessed that was about time. “Cmasa” contains strange soundscapes, not really (dark) ambient, but collections of sounds, samples and here and there a voice. The music is minituously compiled and interesting to listen to, but not really my kind of music.
Links: Bad Sector, Power & Steel

v/a * Necktar 2017 (online compilation 2010)

Free online compilations can be a nice way to learn about new projects, but I must say the fact that the length is no longer limited by the amount of information that fits on a disc, things become quite absurd. After the 5 hours Emissions compilation that I reviewed recently, here we have a one file, 800MB and 8+ hours compilation with dark ambient, industrial and a lot of experimental electronic music. I have by far not heard the whole thing when I write this, so this is not really a review, rather an announcement. I heard some nice tracks along the way, but also a lot of too vague experimentalism for my taste. When you are interested, get this compilation here.

Hadewych * s/t (cd 2009)

HadewychWell well, the Dutch scene seems to be ever becoming more active and interesting. Without regards for scenes and tags people go from one style to another which makes it rather difficult to keep up with. So I also missed Hadewych’s very limited demos and the first version of this self-titled album. Two years after the initial release, there is a luxery rerelease on Tuchtunie (165 copies) soon to be followed by a ‘regular’ release limited to 300 copies. Hadewych makes very experimental dark music. Dark soundscapes made with electronics, guitars and voice combined with ‘IDM’-beats at times and samples. The first part of this 50 minutes album is a bit ‘drone rockish’, lateron the sound becomes more ‘soundscapish’. The result is something quite different and highly interesting and another promising project coming from my own country.
Links: Hadewych, Tuchtunie

v/a * Radio Resistencia (cd 2009)

Radio ResistenciaThere is this Dutch project called Distel that makes “angstpop”. Indeed this sounds like Haus Arafna / Galakthorrö and the few tracks that I heard are not all that bad. Supposedly there is an album on the way so every once in a while I check if it is already available. Then I noticed that the band has a few live shows, under which a “Gifgrond” party with an “Enfant Terrible” label night in Tilburg coming Saturday. Gifgrond? Enfant Terrible? The latter turns out to be a label with quite a few releases out, the last of which is this compilation cd. “With Radio Resistencia we give another overview of independent music as we see it… and this time not strictly limited to electronic music.” So: “angtpop”, “elektro chansons”, “dada synth punk”, “obscure 80’ies”, a good place to pick up new genre-names! Most of the music on this compilation sounds quite a bit like 80’ies wave and more modern electropop to me. Some tracks are completely electronic, some more rock-oriented. Most tracks are just nice, some are not my thing and a few are quite enjoyable. Different music from what I play usually, but that is a good thing, right?
Link: Enfant Terrible Productions

Hermann Kopp * Under A Demon’s Mask (cd 2008)

Under A Demon's MaskOk ok, I take back my words that Galakthorrö projects tend to sound like eachother. Hermann Kopp is something completely different from any Galakthorrö release. In fact, it is different from anything that you ever heard. Using a violin, sampling it and by adding samples and sounds, Hermann Kopp creates strange avantgardistic soundscapes and sound experiments. However the label speaks of “sublime violin playing” I sometimes have the idea that it is out of tone, but that aside. The music is hard to describe and after quite a few listenings, I still cannot really get into the music. There is but one great track, the rest is just alright or downright boring. Nope, this is not the best release from this great label, but definately something different.
Links: Hermann Kopp, Galakthorrö

Foundation Hope * Tunes For The Wounded (cd 2008)

Tunes For The WoundedI have neglected to properly follow this Dutch project. I do not have the previous album on CMI. Foundation Hope does not really sound like the average CMI act. There is dark ambient, but much more experiment, sometimes with slow orchestration like other CMI acts, but also with distorted/noisy sounds and strange soundscapes. I have heard this album a few times by now and I cannot say that I completely adore it, but it sounds interesting nonetheless. It is something different in the dark ambient and soundscapes field for sure.
Links: Foundation Hope, Cold Meat Industry

Kristus Kut * I (cdr 2008 bone structure)

I thought that I already had something of this Dutch project somewhere, but maybe not. The label describes this release as “dark industrial soundscapes”, but description is way off in my opinion. KK makes strange industrial noise music. Sometimes it is a bit technoish, sometimes a bit punky, sometimes more digicore, but always industrial noise. There are ‘vocals’ which gives this release something extra, especially because the ‘lyrics’ are in Dutch. KK uses a bit too many high frequencies for my poor ears. KK has a sound that I have not heard so far. Unfortunately KK not only seems to have the need to shock musically, but also thematically. I don’t like the projects name or several of the titles of releases and tracks. Not that I get shocked or something, but I don’t see the use of naming a project “Christus cunt”, or a release “offering whore”. Anyway, the lyrics on this album seem to have been taken from the Bible or so and the weird extreme kind of industrial music is at times very good, so I guess I have to forgive the young man (?) for the rest.
Links: Kristus Kut, Bone Structure

v/a * 2008 Maniacs (cdr 2008 bone structure)

Bone Structure is a label from the French part of Belgium and very active in releasing tiny edition cdrs, apparently most in DVD cases. This compilation comes in only 50 copies and shows the more noisy side of the label. When you have a look at the ‘website’ of the label, you might get the idea that this is some kind of metal label. The band logos look like death metal logos, there is a fascination with gory horror, satanic artwork and titles. The description of the music is as varried as “rhythmic assault of unfriendly ambient soundscapes”, “industrial doom”, “death ambient and old school industrial sounds” to “cyberblasting and grim blackish noise mayhem” and “badass noise” (and indeed, also some metal). All very interesting, so I decided to try two compilations to get a taste of the label. “2008 Maniacs” opens very noisy, but lateron there are more soundscapish tracks, not devoid of noise. There is also complete noise overkill though (Toby Dammit). When track 8 sets in, things finally start to become really interesting and indeed, this is the Dutch project Dead.Circuit. This track sounds nothing like the Propergol-like album that I recently reviewed, but is a nice soft industrial track, perhaps a little technoish. To my big surprise there is also a band that I know: Bleiburg! Together with Rhesus Factor they have created a very good industrial ambient soundscape. After some old school industrial and two monotous sounscapes, the 67 minutes are over. “2008 Maniacs” is another cheap compilation (5 euros) with a bit too many poor tracks, but also a few very good ones. Bone Structure is way too fast with releasing to keep up with them, especially when the good/bad rate of the normal releases is the same as on the two compilations. On the other hand, if you want to take a gamble and spend a few euros on crazy material of projects you never heard of, why not send them to Bone Structure and try some of their material?
Link: Bone Structure