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death industrial

Knot Of Fire * Tempest Over Refuge (cd 2012)

“Tempest Of Refuge” is the debut album of this American project. It comes in a nice digipack, has 10 tracks and lasts about 40 minutes. It is a varried album, opening with “ambient noise”, the “wall of sound” type, sometimes with an industrial rhythm and thus reminding a bit of Ex.Order or Operation Cleansweep at times. Furtheron the vocals become clearer and there is some melody. I prefer the darker, noisier tracks which are very interesting. Go to the project’s website to hear samples and to obtain a copy.
Link: Knot Of Fire, Peasant Spring Recordings

Theologian * Maximum Bitterness Has Been Achieved (cdr 2009)

In only a few years this American project has released an impressive amount of material. Most of the releases have been made available on Annihilvs in limited cdr format. Lee(ch) is behind Theologian, Navicon Torture Technologies and the label. The releases are not that easy to get, but of course you can get those available directly from the source. I ordered a couple of releases (the other have yet to arrive) to find out what Theologian is all about. Well… dense wall of sound type noise, minimalistic, soundscapish, somewhat dark, sometimes with distorted vocals and quite enjoyable. “Maximum Bitterness…” is a 68 minute, 4 track release that comes in a minimalistic package in a style that is recognisably Theologian once you looked around a bit. Not as good as Ex.Order for example, but better than much of the other noise that I hear and especially the low frequency last track is very good.
Links: Theologian, Annihilvs * Divine Legions Beyond Psyche (cd 2008)

I find this Finnish project a difficult one. can make a sublime ‘wall of sound’ kind of noise and they have great parts of very dark ambient, but also parts of noise that are too extreme for me. On “Divine Legions Beyond Psyche” the music itself sounds good to great, but there are tracks with almost constantly extremely brutal vocals in a way that apparently do not appeal to me. More interesting use of a vocal effects is in tracks with some kind of ‘doubled voice’ and a dramatic sounding effect. makes an industrial kind of noise with continuing walls of sound on the background which can be nicely dark. The vocals make the sound quite extreme and there are also moments in which the noise goes in directions that I am not very fond of. Like with other releases that I heard of this project “Divine Legions Beyond Psyche” contains great moments and parts that I would rather ‘fast forward through’. They have the potential to become a second Ex.Order in my opinion, but a few rough edges have to be polished. Yes, I am a noise-wimp!
Link: Malignant

Isomer * Nil By Mouth (mcd 2011)

Isomer + Genocide Organ = cool! On 14 May 2011 both projects gave a show in Mannheim. I have not been there, but thought to get me one of the 200 copies of this special release. While I know Isomer for ambient noisescapes, on “Nil By Mouth”, Isomer created a serious piece of dark noise. Pulsating industrial rhythms, low frequencies, aggressive vocals, this is noise in the old style, a style I like! If you like projects such as Anenzephalia or Ex.Order, you might want to get yourself a copy of this wonderfull album. The downside, this cd lasts only for about half an hour…
Links: Isomer, Cipher Productions

v/a * Incendium III (cd 2011)

This is the third of of cheap label compilations of Loki-Found / Power & Steel (I got mine for 3 euros at the label’s WGT stand). Loki mostly releases dark ambient in a slightly distinctive, ritual style. I like much of the material that the label releases, but I do not listen to dark ambient all that much these days, so I do not buy their every release. There are 13 projects on this compilation, with each one or two tracks of a recent release. I did not have the tracks yet of Bad Sector, Fjernlys, Penjaja Insaf, Herbst9, Blood Box, Inade (apparently they have a new album that I did not get yet), First Law, Circular, Phelios, Kammerheit and S.E.T.I. Tracks that I did have are of Land:Fire, Ex.Order and Inade (of the previous cd). The compilation is again a nice one. I like the darker sounds of Inade and especially the more noisy sounds of Land:Fire and Ex.Order best, but that is nothing new.
Link: Loki Found

v/a * ZugZwang-Festival (cd 2010)

Dammit! Just as with the DruckEmpfindeN-Festival I missed ZugZwang. This time I did not even hear about it and Ex.Order played… Just as of the previous festival a beautiful compilation was released, Chambermusic made a wonderfull compilation for the last festival. In a metal box with a punched-out banderole come a card and a sticker together with a cd with two tracks of Gerechtigkeits Liga, two of Ex.Order and one of Minamata. GL is a project that I only knew by name. I doubt I had any of their material, even though they have been around since 1981. It is a strange project. The first track is a noisy industrial one with vocals, the second one reminds a bit of Deutsch Nepal with drunkenman’s vocals over repetitive sounds. Nice! Ex.Order submitted two typical wall-of-sound type noise tracks which are pretty good. Not their best material, but very nice for sure. I have seen the French Minamata at a rememberable show in Antwerpen in 2007. Later I bought the cd/dvd of that show. Minamata does not make my kind of noise. Too much noise, too little structure. The one track here is in that very style. All in all a nice compilation of a festival I would have liked to attend. I will have to pay more attention this year. This release is limited to 300 copies by the way.
Link: Chamber Music

Anenzephalia / Inade / Operation Cleansweep * s/t (cd 2006)

A while ago I was playing Operation Cleansweep’s great “Powerhungry” album. I do not have either the 1996 original vinyl release, nor the limited cdr rerelease of 2007, so I had to pull it off the web. Curious if there would be any material available, I ran into this 30 minute split release with three great projects. Unfortunately the opening track of Anenzephalia is quite a monotous slightly noisy ambient track that is not too interesting. Also the other four tracks (two of Inade, two of Cleansweep) can be described as ambient noise while Inade is usually the dark ambient kind of project (with some noisy edges sometimes) and Cleansweep the wall of sound kind of noise project. All tracks are alright, but not what I hoped for. The best track is Inade’s “3 Million Minds”, a very dark ambient track.
Links: Anenzephalia, Inade, Teito Sound Company

Ex.Order * Shuchu Ryoku (cd 2010)

Yesterday at the second Phobos Festival I bought this brandnew Ex.Order and two oldies (see below) at the Loki-stand. Ex.Order continues with making a dark wall of noise with samples and highly distorted vocals. Like we got used to from Ex.Order “Shuchu Ryoku” (apparently a sort of execution) contains rather extreme and very dark noise tracks and more ‘ambient’ (relatively of course) tracks. The pulsating industrial sounds are fortunately present. Perhaps this new album is not really surprising, but again very good.
Link: Power and Steel

Ex.Order * The Infernal Age (cd 1998/2004)

However the box does not say so, I suppose I got the 2004 rerelease of this 1998 album of Ex.Order, which was their first cd. The material spans the period of 1995 to 1998. The first tracks are best described as ‘noisescapes’, a continuous pulsating (soft) noise with a lot of samples and some rhythm. These tracks are quite interesting, but lateron comes the more typical Ex.Order kind of noise: a very dark wall of sound with many samples and some rhythm. Ex.Order manages to make quite extreme electronics, but not of the unstructured, chaotic style that I do not like, with a very dark atmosphere. The rhythms give the sound a very nice, and dirty industrial feel, a sound that was perfected on the 2007 album “Corporate Control“. “The Infernal Age” makes a good step in the direction, there are a couple of brilliant tracks here. Now I need to lay my hand on some more older material of this great project.
Link: Power and Steel

Ex.Order * The Law Of Heresy (1997/2010)

This 1997 tape has been rereleased on cd twice by the label Industrial Recollections. It was the first full-length of Ex.Order (on tape) after two split 7″s. “The Law Of Heresy” contains what I call “ambient noise”, long stretched noise-sounds and not as extreme as projects such as Genocide Organ. The early release is not as dark as the later material that I love Ex.Order for, but the samples and distorted vocals are already present. As the labelname suggests Industrial Recollections (a sublabel of Freak Animal) rereleases industrial and noise classics and this Ex.Order release definately deserves a place among these classics. Some ten years ago when I reviewed “War Within Breath” which contains material of “The Law Of Heresy”, I did not like the ‘wall of sound’ kind of noise too much, nowadays I love Ex.Order for their structured and atmospheric extremism and I am glad to have this early material in my collection.
Link: Industrial Recollections