dark industrial

Sturmovik * Feldweihe (lp 2000 tesco)

Yes, finally I found another really interesting piece of dark industrial. Tesco presents Sturmovik’s debut album on a heavy piece of vinyl which limited to 750 copies. Sturmovik is often compared to Turbund Sturmwerk and indeed I hear some similarities here and there myself, but overall Sturmovik definately have a sound of their own. They produce an excellent mix between dark industrial, (dark) ambient, a bit of noise, orchestral parts, drumming and military samples (guns, airplanes, missiles and singing soldiers) making “Feldweihe” a magnificent album to listen to. The music is not too rough, but the drumming and beats give it enough industrial influences to be no more ambient and overall this lp has a quite dark sound.
Well, I can be pretty short about this one, get yourself one of the copies before they are gone!

Sorgeist * Les Roses Du Matin (7″ 2003 hau ruck!)

It is impossible to keep up with these Hau Ruck! releases. They are always very limited in number, sell extraordinary quick and are not available from many mailorders. It even seems that Ebay is the best way to get them. I got this one from Equilibrium Music.
It seems that many HR! releases are neofolkish things, so I was lucky that Sorgeist was a project that fell into my hands. Sturmovik like industrial which is pretty nice. Of course a luxery package and heavy vinyl. <30/8/03><4>

Sophia * Aus Der Welt (10″ 2001 erebus odora)

I had to wait so long for this 10″, that I got it at the same day as the new cd, which has this 10″ as bonus-mcd (see below)!
A while back Peter Pettersson of Arcana released a surprising cd under the title “Sigillum Militum” (reviewed elsewhere) which contained some dark ambient and extremely bombastic industrial. He continues in this vein on this 10″ with three heavy tracks and a dark ambient one. Already more varried than the debut cd, which has a bit too much of the same.
This 10″ is the first Erebus Odora release and this label (?) also Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio on it’s page. <4/7/01><4>

Sophia * Herbstwerk (cd+mcd 2001 cold meat industry)

Pretty short after a debut cd and a 10″ (see elsewhere), there is a second cd on Cold Meat which contains the 10″ as 3″ free bonus mcd. Again the style is bombastic industrial. Fairly tranquil (dark ambient) music with extremely heavy beats and marchdrums. Also live this sounds pretty damn impressive. The music on this second cd is more varried than on the debut, which is more or less built around one idea. The resemblances with label mate and studio-master In Slaughter Natives become more obvious, but who cares? I like Peter’s bombastic orchestrated and heavy industrial as much as the better ISN recordings and since mr Havukainen isn’t too productive with his own music, Sophia comes as a welcome alternative. Of coursrse the two don’t sound fully alike and Sophia also has some ambient-like things on his cd, which are quite well-done as well.
Oh, and I keep complaining about the recent CMI cds lay-outs, this one is simple, but beautiful. <4/7/01> <4>

Sophia * Sigillum Militia (cd 2001 cold meat industry)

As you may have heard Sophia is a solo project of Peter Petterson of Arcana. However I am not a very big Arcana fan I ordered this cd because it was said to be darker and more martial than Arcana. Sophia lives up most of what I hoped for.
This short cd (40 min) opens with a very nice dark industrial track and continues with an Arcana-like track with fierce drumming. Further the cd is full of dark ambient and industrial and bombastic martial and medievalish sounding tracks that definately proves this to be from the same mind as Arcana, but what I like a lot better. Only the irritating two minutes of nothing and the seven minute last track aren’t too good in my ears. <27/1/01> <4>

Söldnergeist * Global Media Control (cd 1996 art-konkret)

When I ordered this cd, I thought it was a recent one. Nothing is less true it seems. Söldnergeist is still alive and kicking though and they still produce a similar kind of music these days. That is: industrial with extremely dark ambient tracks and at times noise and power electronics influences. This results in the darkest masterpieces at times, while other tracks are just average. This cd is pretty good though, safe for a track or two, three.

Sephiroth * Draconian Poety (cd 2005 cold meat industry)

In 1997 Sephiroth made his debut on the “The Absolute Supper” compilation of CMI. A great haunting ambient track with a rhythmical/industrial break in the middle. The first cd “Cathedron” (1999 CMI) more or less did the same trick a few times more. Now, six years later, Sephiroth still does the same. There is no progression in the sound whatsoever. Most of the tracks begin tranquil, ambient and gloomy, either or not going over in a heavy outburst to return to tranquil sounds again. Not that this is badly done, but when you have the first track of Sephiroth, you more or less have them all. This cd is not completely boring, but especially the fact that the same rhythms and sounds are repeated again on this album, makes “Draconian Poetry” rather disapointing.

Sephiroth * Cathedrone (cd 1999 cold meat industry)

Some of you will know Sephiroth from his contribution to the legendary 10 years aniversery double compilation cd of Cold Meat Industry. Then it was a new name, but the contribution was nontheless extremely interesting. A nice piece of dark ambient which is halfway the track disturbed by a piece of heavy industrial.
Actually I can say the same for every track on Cathedrone. It’s good, mind you, but every track is very similar. Most start off with a nice piece of dark ambient in de good old CMI-vein, and halfway there’s a piece of industrial and the track closes off with the dark ambient. There might have been some more variation in the cd to make it better. Hopefully a next time.

Neoterrik Research, the hidden history of Schloss Tegal (cd 2004 cold spring)

Old material for this classical dark industrial act. Remixes, unreleased material and hard-to-get vinyls are among the hidden history of Schloss Tegal. All in all 66 minutes of dark industrial, ambient, soundscapes and one noise-remix by Folkstorm. This band has been around for so long that people who know them, will get this new cd anyway. To give others an idea, think of slightly old-styled industrial, but then more ambient and pretty dark.