dark ambient

Bisclaveret * Psyche Nomine (cd 2006 the eastern front)

I don’t know why the name of this Polish act starts ringing bells. I don’t believe that I had anything of them. Maybe it is because they tour extensively, with CMI-acts for example. The cd is packaged superbly, like an oversized digipack with nice artwork. The album is “dark ambient/wave” in the description of the band. The 50-minute album has six nice tracks with distorted/stretched voices and sounds, piano and other orchestrations, weird samples and a nice dark atmosphere. In track four the music becomes a bit more intense and more orchestral, but this can still fall under the catagory of “ambient” in my opinion. “Psyche Nomine” is a good album for people who like soundscapish dark ambient.

Baradelan * Non Omnis Moriar (cd 2001 sin organisation)

A three-inch mcd on Sin (remember the “Il Sium E Il Venvul” lp? see elsewhere if you don’t) with two tracks, a primitive package and in a limited amount of 115 copies. One long (15 min) and a short (5 min) dark ambient tracks that are very monotous and not too good.

Axon Neuron / Vagwa * Thorned Messages (cassette 2000 ragnarune)

The biggest compliment that I can get for these music pages is of course when a band asks if they can send something for review. This hasn’t happened to me too often yet, but a while back I got an email from Axon Neuron / Vagwa and yesterday I received this tape.
I only know the band from their contributions to the “Immortal Legends” and “Collapse” compilations, but their discography has an impressive list of 7 cassettes, 2 cd-rs and 6 compilation contributions. “Thorned Messages” is the last release of the band itself and followed up by the “Collapse” and “Za Dom Spremni” compilations.
The music on the tape varries from monotous and dark soundscapes, to dark ambient, industrial and here and there a touch of noise. Since I am not too crazy about too monotous music, I don’t like the tape entirely, but overall it sounds very well, especially in the more industrial parts. The atmosphere reminds me a bit of Inade and I guess that if you enjoy dark industrial/ambient, you should give Axon Neuron / Vagwa a try and buy one of the cassettes. Be quick though, all items are limited, this tape to 6 copies (special edition) and 150 copies. I got #37, so that means that there are probably about a 100 left by the time I write this.

Axone & kNOw * Night Of Deliverance (cdr 2002 somnambulant corpse recordings)

SCR keeps putting out releases at high speed. In the usual DVD-box comes the usual black disc with the (usual?) dark ambient/ industrial/ noise soundscapes. Axone we know from earlier releases. They contributed two long tracks go from tranquil soundscapes via tranquil to harder industrial and noise. kNOw is a new act to me. They contributed four tracks, which start with strange soundscapes and extreme rhythmical noise. The other two tracks are more ambient soundscapes, quite monotous, but dark. Again quite a nice release on SCR, but I hope the next releases will have a bit more variety in style. The noise tracks of kNOw are for example something that I would like to hear more of.

Axone * Casus Belli (mcdr 2002 somnambulant corpse records)

When I had ‘discovered’ Somnambulant Corpse I thought I had something, only to find out that my colleague of Funprox.com already had a review of the Tugend cd. I don’t think there is already a review of Axone on Funprox.com yet though, so at least once I have been a little faster…!
“Casus Belli” is a 3″ cd that comes in a very nice small and sealed package. Three tracks making a length of about 20 minutes. The opening track is a strange soundscape with vague sounds and samples and is not too great. The second track is an even stranger soundscape and already a bit better. Then comes a brilliant third track which lasts for only 5 minutes and which I would have expected on the Tugend cd. It is a soft industrial soundscape with some warlike samples and sounds, noise-influences and deep drones. Really a great track which makes up a lot for the first two.

Atrium Carceri * Cellblock (cd 2003 cold meat industry)

This cd is advertised by saying that the man behind this solo project studied classical music. This doesn’t have much to do with the music though. “Cellblock” is a cd for people that long for that old CMI-dark ambient sound. Atrium Carceri reminds of the tranquil parts of Sephiroth, but also has its own style. Dark creepy ambient with very minor orchestral influences and here and there a sample. Not too original, but also not badly done.

As All Die * Time Of War And Conflict (cd 2001 crowd control activities)

In a not too professionally produced box comes the first cd of As All Die who you may know from the Dragonflight compilation “The Cold The Silent” of 1999. “Time Of War And Conflict” contains slightly primitive atmospheric music with spoken voice, some more gothic/folky tunes with a guitar and a long and not too good piece of dark industrial ambient. It is not very good, but definately not very bad. Overall the cd reminds me a bit of Elhaz’ “The Black Flame” (97 memento mori), definately regarding atmosphere.

Archon Satani * Mind Of Flesh & Bones (cd 2006 cold spring)

Cold Spring released the famous 1993 Staalplaat cd of the extinct Swedish duo Archon Satani (after the split we got Inanna and Ordo (Rosarius) Equilibrio). Industrial ambient with a few noisy touches and unfortunately on this album no vocals. I think most of the Archon Satani material has been rereleased now. Would this make them less of a cult act? Anyway, if you like the old CMI-sound or industrial dark ambient in general, you will have to get some of that Archon Satani material like this one.

Archon Satani * Of Gospels Lost And Forsaken (2cd 2002 cold meat industry)

I used to own a record of this defunct cult-formation, but I didn’t like it enough to keep it. For some reason I did want to get a copy of this cd with old and unreleased material. Still not exactly what I hoped for. Quite monotous dark ambient, with here and there some industrial sounds, but nowhere vocals… The first disc contains material from “Beyond All Thee Sickness”, “2×6 Dimensions Of A Coffin” and one track from “Andromeda” the second disc 10 unreleased tracks. Some nice tracks, many not too great. The double digipack with ‘leather’ and golden letters is great though!

Anima Mundi * Another World II. (cd 1999 old europe cafe a.v.s.)

This Czech project has released a tape in 1997. This tape was made available by the deleted electro-label Crew Zine from the same country. “Somnium” already showed that Anima Mundi is not just an average atmospheric ambient act. Two years later a cd is released by the notorious Italian label Old Europe Cafe. Listening to “Another World II.” you’ll be surprised constantly. Anima Mundi is mostly compared to Raison D’Être, but there’s really not that much incommon between the two projects. Okay, also Anima Mundi makes both atmospheric and dark ambient and uses gregorian samples, but that’s about it. On this cd you’ll not only find ambient, but also industrial (both lighter and harscher), a little noise, but mostly striking: dance! At times you’ll even have the impression that you’re listening to some popular trance-ambient cd. Even a name like Enigma sometimes comes to my mind. But that’s not all. There’re also strange dance-like experiments and a lot of tribal drumming. Long samples with speaking, flutes and weird sounds to complete this strange soundscape. Even though not all tracks are equally brilliant, this cd is pretty damn good! <31/12/99><4>