dark ambient

Horologium * The Fire Sermon (cd 2006 divine comedy records)

However this Polish one-man-act has quite a few releases out, “The Fire Sermon” is the first that I hear of him. Too bad! Horologium makes a weird kind of industrial music, weird in the good sense of the word! In the beginning it seems that “The Fire Sermon” is characterised by a mix of clear and distorted (noisy) sounds, from orchestral to ‘oldschool’ industrial. There is more though! Most tracks are relatively tranquil with a nice haunting atmosphere and a high level of experimentation, maybe reminding a bit of a project such as Ginger Leigh. There are samples of choirs, violins, voices, etc. some tracks have an industrial background while other are more overall industrial in sound. All this results in strange tracks with a very original sound and atmosphere. It is all hard to describe, because Horologium is very original and I like that, especially when it is good! People who like the earlier mentioned Ginger Leigh or projects such Cruelty Campaign, Propergol or Cyclotimia are advised to have a listen to Horologium too!

His Divine Grace * Reverse Aleph (cd 2001 hau ruck!)

This was quite an unexpected Hau Ruck release to me. Not only do I not recall having heard about its coming, neither does it sound much like a Hau Ruck cd. On the other hand, what would a Hau Ruck cd sound like, right?
Anyway, first I must warn you that there is a metalband called As Divine Grace, so don’t mix up these two acts. Second I can say that His Divine Grace produced a single-track cd of 66 minutes with a long, tranquil and dark soundscape.
I think that if you enjoy Endura’s “The Watcher” or a band like Die Wappen Des Todh or In Death’s Throes, that you will also enjoy this one.

Herbst9 * :Eta Carinae: (cd 2001 loki foundation/tesco)

When I write this, the review of the first Herbst9 cd is on the bottom of this review page, written three months ago. “:Eta Carinae:” was already available back then, but I happened to receive a copy of “From A Dark Chasm Below”. I like that album quite a bit as I also do “:Eta Carinae”. This is really dark ambient which is quite minimal, not too monotous with only here and there a sample and often with rhythms and deep drones.

Herbst9 * From A Dark Chasm Below (cd 2000 loki foundation/tesco)

Herbst9 from Germany just released a cd on Loki, but this is not that cd. Apparently they released their debut (?) a while back, also on Loki Foundation. This first cd landed in my mailbox yesterday because the friendly Tesco crew shared a copy.
I thought about buying the (I didn’t know that there were two) Herbst9 cd, but I wasn’t sure if I would like it. The contribution to the Loki 2×10″ compilation “Saturn Gnosis” (see archive) is alright. Anyway, “From A Dark Chasm Below” is pretty damn good! This is what deserves to be called “dark ambient”. It is not too monotous, there are eight tracks of averagely 8,5 minutes which is a good length for an ambient track in my opinion and the music is tranquil, dark, haunting and has a descent amount of dark drones and deep beats without making it too industrial. I think this would not only appeal to those into the ‘Loki-corner kind of industrial’, but also lovers of the good old CMI-sound. And me…? I am definately going to try and get my hands on the new cd as well. Await a review some time soon (I hope).

Geomatic * Control Agents (cd 2000 triumvirate)

Geomatic proves to be from my own country and not from the USA like most Triumvirate bands. “Control Agents” is another one which is both visually and audio-wise less interesting. Still the music is alright at times; atmospheric ambient with some darker tones here and there and nice (triballic) rituals. Other tracks are very monotous ambient or soundscapes though.

Genitor Lvminis * Deam Adessa (10″ 1999 state-art)

When I finally got this 10″ it was long sold out. This review is therefor more for informative reasons than to tell you to buy it. Genitor Luminis is a Swedish act that released a demo called “Heliokrator” in an edition of 50 copies. On it you find some Puissance kind of apocalyptic orchestral industrial, not very good. This 10″ was supposed to be brilliant, but I’m not too crazy about it myself. There’re four tracks,which are all -more or less- in the vein of tranquil tracks of industrial acts like Der Blutharsch and Turbund Sturmwerk, but not as good. Sometimes I hear similarities with Swartalf and Elhaz. The music is very monotous and repetative. In the beginning I quite enjoy all the tracks, but after a few minutes I’d liked to hear some change in it.
The German label State-Art is now frequently launcing releases, read reviews of other 10″s from this label elsewhere.

Funerary Call – The Black Root (12″ 2005 fluttering dragon)

Unfortunately I had to wait for this 12″ for a long time, because I ordered some A Challenge Of Honour material from the same distro, and ACOH kept being delayed. But as it turns out, I already had most of the music of “The Black Root”, maybe on other releases, but maybe also because I get rough and/or new recordings every now and then. In other reviews you can read ‘the story of FC’. Here I will keep to saying that “The Black Root” is less ‘ritual’ in sound, but more very dark ambient soundscapes giving a wonderfull dark atmosphere. The label may compare the sound of the band to CMI bands, but I can tell you that this is much darker. The 12″ is limited to 333 copies and the mcd “Beckoning At The Black” that was released on The Fossil Dungeon not too long ago, is already sold out. So, if you want to get some music of this Canadian project, be quick. It is worth the effort! And a point of light, a rerelease of the mcd with extra material is anounced.

Funerary Call * Beckoning At The Black (mcdr 2004 fossil dungeon)

A Canadian project that I have known since the very beginning. Demos in 94/95, a few 7″s and for a long time there has been talk about a mcd. After many years Funerary Call has alligned with the Riddick twins (of the Fossil Dungeon label, *The Soil Bleeds Black, etc., etc., etc.) who have the same background of electronic music in the early black metal scene. The result is a 22 minute mcd with dark industrial/ambient tracks with a sound that was almost lost. Six tracks of which some are more industrial, others more soundscapish, but all with a nice dark tone. After a contribution to the “On The Brink Of Infinity” compilation (1999) FC is finally again available for the masses.

Funerary Call * “promo winter 2002”

Many years ago I hunted the black metal scene for ‘alternative’ electronic demos in a style that we refered to as “ritual”. Funerary Call from Canada has always been one of my favourite projects in the vein and for many years I wrote with the guy. Somehow we lost contact for too many years and recently I not only found out that “Impius Erga Deum” is still around, but also still making music as Funerary Call and even found his way to the internet. So here I have a cdr with material that I didn’t have yet (that means after 1999) and the inserted cover says “promo winter 2002”, but I don’t know if there is more recent material here as well. Anyway, FC used to make tranquil threatening music with occult texts, later went to more dark ambient/industrial and dark industrial and on this cdr I hear very dark ambient with industrial influences in a style that I don’t hear too often anymore. This is a pitty, so I am glad that FC is still around, still has material available and (still) has plans for a cd. So far over 10 years of existence has brought a few demos, two 7″s and a contribution to the wonderfull “On The Brink Of Infinity” sampler. Check out the FC website and order everything that is still available if you are into dark ritualistic ambient/industrial music!