Blood Axis & Les Joyaux De La Princesse * Absinthe, la folie verte (cd 2001 athanor)

It has been a long wait since “Blót” and even longer since “The Gospel…”, but here is new material of Michael Moynihan. It was recorded together with the well-known French industrial act LJDLP, who had much influence on the music. Therefor “Absinthe” doesn’t contain the orchestral bombast that we came to love Blood Axis for, but more minimal industrial and ambient with here and there Michael’s voice and sometimes a short moment of bombast. The lay-out and lyrics were found in the “musée de l’Absinthe” in Callé, France and are an hommage to liquor. However I find the lay-out nice and original, the music is a bit too LJDLP for me. Still quite nice, but I like Michael on his own better.

Expretus * Spiegelsaal (cd 2001 lichtbringer)

Hm, I have to watch out buying cds on package and label. Lichtbringer released the wonderfull “Sonnwin” cd a while back and I was told that Expretus would sound something like Belborn and The Moon Lay Hidden, so I figured I would give it a try. I don’t know where they got the idea of mentioning these two bands, but Expretus has nothing whatsoever incommon with The Moon and very little with Belborn. Actually Expretus is not folky at all, but very gothic of sound. Atmospheric music, sometimes with piano, sometimes a bit electronic. I don’t like the gothic vocals too much and the music isn’t too good either.

Unto Ashes * Moon Oppose Moon (cd 2000 projekt)

Projekt is in my opinion one of the few ‘real’ gothic labels from the States with quite well-known acts as Black Tape For A Blue Girl and Lycia. All of the Projekt releases that I know are extremely tranquil and quite minimal in approach. This also goes for Unto Ashes.
Unto Ashes has a more folky or even medieval approach with traditional instruments, acoustic guitars and drumming, but seldom the music gets uptempo or cheerfull, but it is definately not all ‘ambient’ here either! Some songs are more orchestral, classical or gothic of sound and the vocals are both male and female.
“Moon Oppose Moon” sounds very nice. Like most Projekt cds, music for long winter nights.