Sanctum * A Moment Out Of Ten Years (live 2001 online 2004)

The other free album to celebrate 10 years of Sanctum is this live album of “Sanctums legendary performance at the Cornerstone festival in the States 2001”. Well, I have seen Sanctum live in those days and I can asure you that even when you are (like me) not fond of live-cds, this one will still please you. There are even tracks to be heard that I didn’t have yet! Too bad that the tracks had to be cut into different mp3s which makes some tracks cut at the end. For the rest: happy downloading!

Sanctum * Clarify 2.0 (cdr 2001 online 2004)

I hadn’t heard about this ‘project’ yet, but Sanctum from Sweden has been around for 10 years and to celebrate this, they put two albums on their website. “Clarify 2.0″ was a very limited cdr release that I didn’t have and which can now be downloaded in a slightly different form. I have all the ‘normal’ releases of the band (three cds, a 10” and the Parca Pace sideproject) and most of the tracks on “Clarify” are to be found on other releases too, sometimes in a slightly different form. Especially the “The Answer To His Riddle” 10″ is well represented, so this is good news to people who don’t play vinyl too often or who never got this piece of vinyl. There are some tracks that I didn’t have yet, so this is good news for people like me too! More good news is that -because these are old recordings- the singing of Lena is still present. A very nice album which gets even better because it is for free!

Rome * Berlin (mcd 2006 cold meat industry) + Nera (cd 2006 cold meat industry)

It took so long before I got the mcd, that I received the full cd two days earlier. Rome are the new stars on CMI. I no longer automatically buy new CMI-cds, but the mp3 snippets from Rome did make me want to hear this new band, and I’m glad I did! Rome acts somewhere between ConSono, Coph Nia (on the mcd) and popular military acts such as Von Thronstahl, Thoroidh, HERR or Dernière Volonté. Industrial, ambient, tranquil (orchestral) music with male vocals and especially on the full-length a lot of acoustic and soft electric guitars. The result is a nice original sound with good to stunning songs with often a veru full sound with many layers of samples. CMI surely did it again and found a great band. Rome may even come close in musical quality to Coph Nia and that surely is something to say. Rome should be bought by lovers of CMI-music, but surely also by those who listen to military pop or atmospheric industrial.

Remanence * Apparitions (cd 1999 cold spring)

I had never heard of this band before, so I can’t tell you much about them. Maybe only that Remanence excists of Brian McWilliams, John Phipps, Eric Berg, Carter Dewberry and Mike Rashid.
“Apparitions” may not sound like what you expect from Cold Spring. The cd opens very orchestal -almost neo-classical- and evolves towards a rhythmical kind of atmospheric music with orchestral influences. Here and there a voice can be heard, but mostly the music is instrumental. It all sounds pretty good as well, especially the first orchestral tracks.

Predominance * Hindenburg (lp 1998 loki)

Predominance is an industrial project that wanders the outsides of the German industrial scene. This lp was probably released somewhere around the change 98/99 on a label that is finally harvesting some recognition. As you may expect from Loki, it’s a strange piece of industrial. It’s quite atmospheric, but can at times be pretty dark. Both heavy pieces and sung vocals are to be found on the transparant vinyl. Minor point is that sometimes the tracks stay too much the same. Further there’s little negative to say about this lp. Another proper Loki release!

Penitent * Roses By Chaos Spawned (cd 1999 memento mori)

Penitent made it. s debut in 1996 on the notorious Cold Meat Industry label, but this cooperation was only for one cd. The debut was re-released by Prophecy Productions and then two albums where released by Draenor/Napalm records from Austria. After this Karsten Hamre went to Memento Mori (a sublabel of the Dark Vinyl cultlabel) with both Arcane Art (see review elsewhere) and Penitent.
Roses By Chaos Spawned. is just like the Arcane Art cd very orchestral. The vocals are done by a certain M. Andrew Goldfine (a name that doesn. t ring a bell here), which is often spoken, but there are also a few beautiful sung parts to be heard.
The music itself is rather simple and however there are a few good moments, most of it is not my taste.

Orplid * Nächtliche Jünger (cd 2002 prophecy productions)

Ever since their brilliant first cd of 1998, Orplid has been one of my favourite bands. After quite a long wait came some vinyl and a mcd (some even released before I started these pages, the debut originally as well) all very good, but not as good as the debut cd. The same goes for “Nächtliche Jünger”. This new cd is much more tranquil than previous releases and only at the end there are some industrial influences and darker material. Also the songs aren’t as ‘victorious’ as they used to be anymore. What remains are beautiful modest songs with acoustic guitars and singing or electronic music and singing. A very nice cd again of this German band.

Nothvs Filivs Mortis / Omne Datum Optimum * Oran Môr III. Moddion-o-Gair .III (7″ 2001 cynfeirdd)

After a 12″ and a 10″, this is the third part of the Oran Môr trilogy which was formed by split releases between these two bands and Gaë Bolg.
The NFM tracks are alright, not as dark and heavy as this Spanish act can be, quite atmospheric actually. The ODO tracks are quite nice. This band has a some more orchestral medievalish sound with the gregorian-like singing and drumming. If you know their contribution to “Eisteddfod” you will know what I mean. The tracks here are by far not as heavy as “Pastoralis Preeminentie” though.
This 7″ is again limited to 333 copies, so be quick.

Nenia * La Casa Del Dolore (cd 2000 beyond… prod)

I suppose Beyond… Prod is looking to go beyond the boundaries of being a metal label. Earlier I reviewed a classical oriented mcd of En Velours Noir and here we have another Italian non-metal band on Beyond.
Actually Nenia is quite Italian in style. I have heard several Italian acts making very tranquil, atmospheric music with desperate screaming vocals. The music is strange, sometimes a bit folky, disturbing, slightly avantgardistric, minimalistic and rather depressing.
Also short by the way, about 40 minutes. The photos in the booklet are beautiful. All of houses. Houses of pain?

Invisible Empire * Chants Before The Last Battle (cd 1999 oktagön)

This must be the first cd of this Italian act, because I can’t remember I’ve heard of them before. Also it’s the first release of the Oktagön label, but immediately they strike us with an extremely luxery package in 7″-size. “Chants Before The Last Battle” is a bit of an “I don’t really know what music to play exactly” kind of release. There’s cheap electro, a bit industrial, ebm songs, Shadowcaster/Tangerine Dream-like tracks. Most of the songs aren’t really good and since every track is in another style, the don’t relate much to eachother. One thing that is typical for Invisible Empire are the opera-like male vocals (tenor) which comes back in almost all tracks. Actually this is but a mediocre cd.