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Der Feuerkreiner * La ‘Nvidia (12″ 2004 neuropa records)

Neuropa is a relatively new label from Belgium. This 12″ is already their 8th release though. However the bandname is German (and I haven’t been able to find out what it means!), Der Feuerkreiner comes from Italy. This 12″ has four tracks. Side A opens with a very nice piece in a ‘forgotten style’: heavenly voices, but then with quite a bit of drumming. Side B opens with the title track which is a traditional folksong, but the twist Der Feuerkreiner gave to it, will please anyone who likes Gae Bolg; the track is very bombastic with a lot of drumming, yet folky. Then we have two “Mondendinge”n which are a bit too monotous ambient-like tracks. Especially in two tracks a very nice and original band.

Cyclotimia * New Death Order (mcd 2000 stateart)

After some nice tunes and a sample that was already used by Morthond 8 or 9 years ago, this mcd displays some nice dark ambient and then a brilliant dark industrial second track with ambient interludes and strange sounds and samples. After this the tracks are best described as strange soundscapes with a lot of samples and weird sounds and almost no ‘industrial’ influences anymore.
I like the first two tracks and the rest sounds… alright.

Blood Axis * Blòt: Sacrifice In Sweden (cd 1999 cold meat industry)

Late 1998 the Swedish cultlabel Cold Meat Industry had its 10 years aniversary which they celebrated with a feast/concert. As main act (after Ordo Equilibrio), they didn’t get one of their own bands, but Blood Axis, who by then had reached a cult status themselves. The concert was recorded, the sound was polished and released as the cd “Blòt: Sacrifice In Sweden”. Many tracks known from the debut cd, tracks from several compilation on which BA appeared throughout the years and even tracks that I didn’t know yet can be found on this cd. The sound is incredible, the performance of the tracks powerfull and nowhere you have the idea of listening to a live cd. Maybe this is is even a bit better than “The Gospel…”. <25/12/00><5>

Blood Axis * Storms Of Steel Over Germany 1998 + Unreleased

Two P2P items that were new to me. The first is a live-registration from the 1998 tour, I was in Gent, Belgium, this was recorded somewhere in Germany. The playlist is similar to that of the “Blót” cd (live in Sweden). The sound quality is… alright. It seems that this recording was released as a bootleg.
“Unreleased”, a Blood Axis folder that you can find on some computer actually doesn’t contain unreleased material, but mostly tracks that appeared on various compilations and by far not all. There are only nine tracks, while there have been many more contributions to compilations. But… there are a few versions that I didn’t have yet, so… <16/12/06><3>u

Apoptose * Blutopfer (cd 2002 tesco organisation)

For a long time I doubted whether or not to buy this cd. I have the “Nordland” debut and like it quite a bit, but I find it a bit too tranquil and monotous. This cd was supposed to have more drumming and be less tranquil and eventually I decided to get it anyway. As you probably heard by now “Blutopfer” is Apoptose’s remembrance of the Spanish “Semana Santa” festival that is held in the village of Calanda. This festival/ritual involves a massive amount of people drumming. Apoptose recorded the drumming and made this cd with these recordings. The result is sampled drumming (sometimes you can hear people talking in the background) combined with monotous soundscapes. The drumming isn’t as lively as it could have been and again the cd turned out to be quite good, but again a bit too tranquil and monotous for my liking. <29/6/02><3>

Apoptose * Nordland (cd 2000 tesco)

Another descent Tesco release. Not the usual Tesco sound though, because “Nordland” is very tranquil. The music is very ambient, often atmospheric, sometimes a bit darker now and then with some drumming and mystical samples. 7 Long tracks making a cd of 51 minutes. Not too long though, just like my reviews of today. Anyway, the digipack looks very nice and the music sounds very nice as well. I can recommand this to CMI fans and anyone who enjoys tranquil ambient. <31/10/00><3>

v/a * Codreanu – Eine Erinnerung An Den Kampf (cd 2001 oktagön/neue europäische kultur)

After many problems and long delays finally the compilation dedicated to Corneliu Zelea Codreanu (1899-1938) and the Iron Guard is available. The first edition has 100 copies and comes in an A5 52 page booklet and further with two small books, two posters and a load of cards.
You will find a lot of texts about Codreanu and the Iron Guard of course (the Guard of today also contributed to this release). The articles are from Martin Schwarz, Kadmon, Josef Klump, Michael Moynihan among others and in English and German.
There are two cds with Von Thronstahl, Entr’aide Nationale feat. Karceral Flesh, Belborn, Tribe of Circle, Warcom, Dawn & Dusk Entwined, Ain Soph, Scivias, Blood Axis (old track!), The Days Of The Trumpet Call, Londinium Spqr, Book & Sword, Changes/Soul of Steel, Egoades/Natural Faith Project, Socrates Wounded, Marienburg Jugend, Invisible Empire, Foresta Di Ferro, Argine, Wutanes Heer, Sotto Fascia Semplice and my personal favourites Darkwood, Novo Homo, Dernière Volonté, Spiritual Front and Republik Awake. As you can see both industrial and neo-folk and some other music and well-known and less-known projects. Most tracks are (or at least were) exclusive.
Definately the compilation highlight of recent times! Be sure to get a copy of the second version which is limited to 400 copies.

Unto Ashes * Moon Oppose Moon (cd 2000 projekt)

Projekt is in my opinion one of the few ‘real’ gothic labels from the States with quite well-known acts as Black Tape For A Blue Girl and Lycia. All of the Projekt releases that I know are extremely tranquil and quite minimal in approach. This also goes for Unto Ashes.
Unto Ashes has a more folky or even medieval approach with traditional instruments, acoustic guitars and drumming, but seldom the music gets uptempo or cheerfull, but it is definately not all ‘ambient’ here either! Some songs are more orchestral, classical or gothic of sound and the vocals are both male and female.
“Moon Oppose Moon” sounds very nice. Like most Projekt cds, music for long winter nights.