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Death In June * All Pigs Must Die (cd 2001 ner/tesco)

After a few re-releases of older cds, here we have a cd with brandnew recordings. “All Pigs Must Die” is a bit of a strange cd and can definately not be compared to the previous cds that were recorded with Albin Julius of Der Blutharsch. There is again a guest musician again though: Andreas Ritter of the German neo-folk band Forseti, but his role is (I think) not comperable to Julius’ on previous albums. Ritter plays accordeon and flute on a few tracks and this actually goes very well with the DIJ neo-folk style.
And there I said it, “All Pigs Must Die” contains neo-folk, somewhat in the ‘familiar’ DIJ style of some years ago, but a bit more experimental in a way. As the cd continues, the songs are getting more and more experimental and eventually go over in a bunch of noise tracks. Not very extreme noise, but still. The last track is what I would describe as ‘ritual’, strange soundscapes with slowed-down vocals and a dark atmosphere.
Nope, DIJ is not easily predictable, so don’t try to imagine how Douglas’ new albums will sound.

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