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v/a * Necktar 2017 (online compilation 2010)

Free online compilations can be a nice way to learn about new projects, but I must say the fact that the length is no longer limited by the amount of information that fits on a disc, things become quite absurd. After the 5 hours Emissions compilation that I reviewed recently, here we have a one file, 800MB and 8+ hours compilation with dark ambient, industrial and a lot of experimental electronic music. I have by far not heard the whole thing when I write this, so this is not really a review, rather an announcement. I heard some nice tracks along the way, but also a lot of too vague experimentalism for my taste. When you are interested, get this compilation here.

4 thoughts on “v/a * Necktar 2017 (online compilation 2010)”

  1. Edvado don’t worry about it, Necktar 2017 is an original name, we don’t steal old prog band Nektar one, there is only a mistake in the title in this post… And if you take time to listen this compilation you will discover that in certain way the attempt to unveil the future made Necktar 2017 close to the concept of some of Nektar albums…
    Take care

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