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Throbbing Gristle * The Third Mind Movements (cd 2009)

Of course I have known the name Throbbing Gristle for ages. They have been releasing material since I was born. I never really listened to them. I guess I thought they made this oldfashioned chaotic kind of noise and I have never really listened to the industrial music of before my time. Apparently TG still releases at a staggering speed and also partly on the same label as the early days, so I figured it was time to properly listen to TG. Not really as expected this cd contains quite tranquil soundscapes, slightly industrial, but quite ‘easy listening’. I cannot say that I really like it. There are a few tracks that are a bit faster, a bit ‘industrial disco’ even and these tracks already sound better to my ears. I do not know if this album is representative in style for TG, but I am sure that you readers have probably followed TG for ages and do know the answer to that question already.
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