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v/a * Kalpamantra Emisions (2010)

Fabian of Dead.Circuit brought this free download compilation to my attention. 5 Times 11 tracks and about 70 minutes, I suppose, since the files do not work 100%. In any case, about 6 hours of music, how do I write a review about that? Emissions is a dark ambient compilation, but there are also more industrial and even noise tracks. There are established projects such as Land:Fire (great noise track), Herbst9, Svartsinn, Northaunt and of course Dead.Circuit (a monotous ambient track, not his best), but most of the projects are new to me. I do not listen all that much to dark ambient, because it tends to be too monotous for me, but I must say that I am not disappointed about the majority of the tracks presented. There is enough variety with darker and lighter tracks, rumbling and rhythmical and quiet and noisy.
Links: Kalpmantra

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