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Dawn Desiree’ * s/t (mcdr 2001 the fossil dungeon)

The Fossil Dungeon is the continuation of the American experimental tape label Dark Age Productions. The people behind TFD are the Riddick twins, best known for their neo-medieval folk band The Soil Bleeds Black, therefor TFD seems a bit more like a continuation of their early tape label 7th Key Creations that was gone up in Dark Age Productions years ago. Anyway, this new label was anouced with the compilation cd “The Fossil Dungeon – A Dark Age Anthology” which was released by Dark Vinyl last year (see review elsewhere). A compilation that contained material that was (mostly) earlier released on Dark Age tapes.
The first Fossil Dungeon is a limited (250 copies) mcd that is recorded on a black cdr and which comes in a very nice 5×7″ plastic sleeve with a threefold cover. All is professionally printed in colour. The artist is the American beauty Dawn Desiree’ who is better known for being involved in the (for me unknown) gothic doom metal band Rain Fell Within. The cd lasts 20 minutes and has 5 songs in which Dawn displays moody piano music with her nice opera-like soprano voice in the first tracks and the same vocals but with keyboard music in the last songs. The music is not particularly depressive, but the lyrics are. It seems some bloke was stupid enough to sack Dawn, making her sing about the pangs of love. All in all pretty beautiful and I wonder what the future has in stake for Dawn.
This mcd should not be too difficult to get, since The Fossil Dungeon is distributed by Dark Vinyl in Europe and Middle Pillar in the US.

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