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Karjalan Sissit * Fucking Whore Society (cd 2009)

FWSWhen you read my reviews of the previous albums of Karjalan Sissit you will notice that I never really held this project in high regard. His music is alright, but there are better projects in this style. With the previous album Pesonen gave a bit of extra gass and he recorded an album much more agressive than anything in the “bombastic industrial” style of that time (and still). Too bad that on the latest album, he just repeats himself and made a copy of “Tanssit…”. Nice dark soundscapes with speechsamples are alternated with bombastic and sometimes orchestral industrial with fierce drumming and very aggressive vocals. Not really boring, but not really great either.
Links: Karjalan Sissit, Cyclic Law

2 thoughts on “Karjalan Sissit * Fucking Whore Society (cd 2009)”

  1. “Not really boring, but not really great either.”
    I thought it was quite boring actually. Most songs on Miserere and some Karjalasta… songs are still my favorite.

    “but there are better projects in this style”

    1. Speaking about orchestal and bombastic industrial: Triarii (the only project in this vein that I still play) and some works of Sophia. For people who want something more extreme, there is a lot of good noise out there. Plenty reviews of those here for you.

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