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Darkness Enshroud * Totentanz (mcdr 2001 the fossil dungeon)

The second release of The Fossil Dungeon is of an old acquaintance. I have the 1993 demo “Winter Of Sorrow” in my collection and I used to order obscure material from Michael Ford’s “Abyss Productions” around that time. Since then Darkness Enshroud has released two cds which I don’t have, but I have heard at least one of them. On this cd the line-up of DE is not the same as on the demo. Beside Michael Ford (who appears to be the one lasting person in this project), we see Shanna LeJeun who also makes music under the name “Nythra” (one of the few Dark Age releases that I don’t have…). According to the bio, this duo has also split and the recordings here are a little older. Also DE has been dorment for a while.
The music that you can expect is black ambient, with industrial, atmospheric and ritualistic touches. The music was mastered by Barry Galvin (Mephisto Walz / Christian Death) and now that I am naming names anyway, I might just as well add a few other music projects of Michael Ford that may ring a bell for some of you: Black Funeral (black metal), Valefor (black industrial on Cold Meat Industry) and Psychonaut (I have never heard it, but Dark Vinyl released a few things I believe).
Also here an 5×7″ plastic sleeve with professionally printed colour covers. Musically I think this 30 minute mcd is alright.
Keep an eye open for upcoming Fossil Dungeons, there are plans for an Arcana Art cdr, Dark Muse cdr, Hexentanz 7″ and a 2lp compilation “As She Was Crowned, So Crowned Were They” with Ataraxia, GOR, In Gowan Ring, The Soil Bleeds Black and many more.

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