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Ballo delle Castagne * s/t (cd 2009)

Ballo delle CastagneI do not really follow Albin Julius’ Hau Ruck! label, I guess he is a bit too progressive for me (or he just has a very different taste in music). Ballo delle Castagne is mostly a progrock album with some folky influences and Italian vocals. I cannot say much about it, just that this is again not really my thing.
Links: Ballo delle Castagne, Hau Ruck!

3 thoughts on “Ballo delle Castagne * s/t (cd 2009)”

  1. Hello there !
    wazzz up!?!? thanks for the review, really sorry that the Ballo delle Castagne did not please you.
    I wish only to make a note : Hauruck! and Hauruck!SPQR are not the same label.
    Albin Julius is a man of a man of wealth and taste.
    He stole many man’s soul and faith…BUT he has nothing to do with this beautyfull release…
    It s SPQR release not HR!
    Pleased to meet you — hope you guess my name!

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