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Dogpop * Jahrmarkt Der Verlorenen Kinder (cd 2009)

Jahrmarkt Der Verlorenen KinderAfter a vinyl and a very limited cd, this is the first release that might bring Dogpop under the attention of a larger audience. DAF-like music, but with industrial roots and some other experimentation makes Dogpop a strange project in our scene. Slow disco beats, German vocals, strange sounds, silly humour. Two old tracks on this 55 minutes album that has the better tracks in the second half. The album is still “85% perfekt”, but indeed, it is getting better, so maybe the “100% perfekt” release will be the mindblower that I hope for. As for now, like the previous albums nice to play, but not “100% perfekt” yet.
Dogpop, UMB Kollektif


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