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Motormark * Chrome Tape (cd 2004)

Chrome TapeI decided to review two albums of a disbanded project. I just discovered this great band while digging through the genre and this is probably my favourite band in this vein so far. Too bad they are no longer around, but that does not prevent me from reviewing their music.
Motormark makes sleezy electropunk with guitars and electronic rhythms. The distorted female vocals and crazy male vocals remind of the B-52’s sometimes, but like other bands in this vein, there are gothic/wavey elements, too. However this is pretty poppy, Motormark goes towards a more punk-feeling that I like a lot. Even though this album was released by Digital Hardcore Recordings, the music has little to do with Atari Teenage Riot or Ec8or. Simple lyrics, simple songs, but effective and catchy. “Chrome Tape” does not have the more typical electropop tracks like the predecessor and it is the better of the two, but I like “Pop:Up” too.
Motormark @ Wikipedia, Digital Hardcore Recordings


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