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Dead.Circuit * Comatose Working Institution (mcdr 2009)

Comatose Working InstitutionWhat a nice surprice, a new Dead.Circuit cd fell on the doorstep today! Limited to only 97 copies comes this 26 minutes cdr with 3 tracks that the label describes with the very nice term “cinematic noisescapes”. Inspite of the variety of styles that this Dutch project uses on its flyers, the sound of this “industrial tribute to the routine of working class society” has the style of the previous release that I reviewed. This is great, since Dead.Circuit knows how to make dark noisescapes. This is not a piece of chaotic noise, but nicely structured, with many samples, just think about Propergol or Sistrenatus and about as good as these two too! I hope a label like Hermetique will pick up this project soon.
Links: Dead.Circuit, Alampo Records

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