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Haus Arafna * Children Of God (cd 1998)

Children Of GodSince the last new album is already 5 years old, I decided to buy some older material and ‘work my way backwards’ to see to how early I like Haus Arafna. “Version 2000” the cover of “Children of God” says, I gues the first pressing was gone rapidly. “Children Of God” “includes the mega-hit Last Dream Of Jesus” and is musically and thematically (artwork) quite extreme. This album is another step forward to the great sound of later material. There are some hardly distorted rhythms in some tracks, others are relatively tranquil and ‘discoïsh’, such as the great “Anatomy of a murder”. Leaving out the really extreme material of the earlier days, Haus Arafna is rapidly becoming one of my favourite exponents of extreme electronics.
Links: Haus Arafna, Galakthorrö

3 thoughts on “Haus Arafna * Children Of God (cd 1998)”

    1. I like this album better than at the time I wrote this review, but I think the later material of Haus Arafna is better than the earlier.

  1. Hi Roy. I beg to differ. I know that taste in music is very subjective though. I prefer this album over Blut and the next album which I would say is the best is Butterfly. Of course, to each his own. 🙂

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