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Sistrenatus * Sensitive Disturbance (cd 2008)

Sensitive DisturbanceI thought that when I ordered my copy from Tesco, I would have it sooner than when I would order it from Cold Spring. After two weeks of waiting, Tesco tells me that it will take another 10 days before their copies arrive. Impatient as I am I spent € 9,50 to get a download copy from Cold Spring waiting for the ‘hardcopy’. Fortunately “Sensitive Disturbance” is worth paying for twice! Sistrenatus created very dense “noisescapes” with extreme noise terror moments, but not as much as before. The style is mostly the same as on the previous two cds, but that does not matter (yet), since our Canadian friend has again managed to create some greatly structured extreme electronics.
Links: Sistrenatus, Cold Spring Records

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