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Hermann Kopp * Under A Demon’s Mask (cd 2008)

Under A Demon's MaskOk ok, I take back my words that Galakthorrö projects tend to sound like eachother. Hermann Kopp is something completely different from any Galakthorrö release. In fact, it is different from anything that you ever heard. Using a violin, sampling it and by adding samples and sounds, Hermann Kopp creates strange avantgardistic soundscapes and sound experiments. However the label speaks of “sublime violin playing” I sometimes have the idea that it is out of tone, but that aside. The music is hard to describe and after quite a few listenings, I still cannot really get into the music. There is but one great track, the rest is just alright or downright boring. Nope, this is not the best release from this great label, but definately something different.
Links: Hermann Kopp, Galakthorrö

8 thoughts on “Hermann Kopp * Under A Demon’s Mask (cd 2008)”

  1. Hermann is one of the kind. His music opens your soul, if you have it. I don’t think that you listened to that album, you just played it and tried to compare it to something you know. Well, there is nothing you can compare Hermann’s music to. He finds sounds that have been forgotten and put them together in amazing compositions.

    1. Amanda, I do not think you have actually read through my music reviews section. I listen to a great variety of music much of it experimental or ‘difficult’. Taste is something you cannot argue about and I just happen to not like this release much and you do, there is nothing strange about that.

  2. No, we can’t argue about the taste. You didn’t like that album and I didn’t like your review, that is all. I am not a musician so I don’t listen to music in technical way, trying to find out if the violin is out of tone or not.

    May I know which track was it that you thought was good? Was that “The great Automaton”?

    1. Fair enough 🙂
      I don’t play any instrument either, but I often find singers singing out of tone, or violins. Maybe it’s Hermann’s style, but my girlfriend (who does play the violin and is musically taught) often agrees. No worries of course, just an observation. The track that I love is “Frauen Verschwinden”, some tracks are only interesting for their experiments, some are downright boring.

  3. Oh, that is interesting. You can find the older version of “Frauen Verschwinden” on one older album – “Kitsch”. It is really hard to get though. 🙂

    It is interesting that this what you don’t like in his music I love so much. I am aware that his violin is out of tone in some places but this is the beauty of it. No one else is able to play his compositions in the way he does. The album is not 100 % amazing but it deserves little more than only 1.5 star. 🙁 Or?

    1. I haven’t heard earlier music of the man. If mr. and mrs. Arafna hadn’t picked him up and released this album on their label, I might have never heard of Hermann Kopp. I have to say that I enjoy the other Galakthorrö releases more. Also pretty strange sometimes, like Karl Runau or strangely accessible like November Növelet. As it goes for violin, I like Matt Howden better (very accessible). Weird stuff, hm, Ginger Leigh, Pimentola; but what about Nicholas Lens or Michael Nyman for more classical music, or Dandi Wind, more hip and trendy, but weird? Ah, music is a great thing. Fortunately I don’t completely adore anything, that way I could no longer afford my house.

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